Top 10 Adventure Places in India

Adventure travel is the most exquisite form of travel that satisfies the human tendency to take a meaningful interval from the daily workload. India is endowed with enormous treasures to amaze its tourists. This resists a large number of tourists in India from venturing abroad. India at its entire potential, if explored, is a strong competition to almost all the major attractive destinations in the world. This diversity in its terrain, weather, culture, and ecosystem is due to its wonderful location in the South Asian region. Amongst all the destinations in India, there are certain locations that deserve your first priority to be visited.


Places in India

Explicitly known for its alluring beaches that are thronged by adventure seekers all around the year. These beaches such as the most popular Calangute, Candolim, and Baga beach specializes in water sports and beach activities. The water sports primarily are the most heart-throbbing once as the sprawling sea never ceases to tempt you to its horizon that makes them even more indulging.

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Abundantly packed with adventure sports such as Bungee Jumping, river rafting, caving and so much more. You will be freed from the worry of dying if you visit Rishikesh. This location trains one to turn generous towards life yet at the same time not fear death. All the activities amidst the high ranges of hills and green elevations are also treated with the full dose of nature. This keeps you refreshed until the next plan to Rishikesh when you become restless again to visit. 

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Extravagant in its appearance but as simple as the habitants living there. Engulfing the inclining roads with the wheels appeals to you to praise the Almighty for their incredible creation. All nature’s wonders are stacked out there with perfection. Neither of the aspects seems to be hurtful to human sustenance. Mountains adorned with lakes, monasteries covered with peace, vegetation so pure that you do not want to abandon the place ever. Besides, if you choose to explore it with a motorcycle, a sense of freedom surrounds you, and inner peace blossoms. The delicate region is a hub, especially for adventure lovers.


Bestows Himachal Pradesh with its presence. This place is termed the paragliding capital of India. The adventure sport is well-suited to the supportive terrain at Bir-billing that gives way to the enthusiasts. The terrific mountains seem to be in alignment with your elevation and that makes your heart race faster.


Another adventurous destination in Himachal Pradesh that gives immense opportunities for mountain activities, primarily trekking. Lakhs of tourists hustle the place every year, raising its attractive aspect even more. A variety of exciting treks are accessible from Manali.

Har Ki Dun Valley

Dominated by the Garhwal Himalayas, it is popular for its campsites and trekking in the heart of nature.  The city of Dehradun is the entry point for this trek. As high as 11,700 ft above sea level, the summit is a blend of barren, green, and snow-stack mountains. Magnificent waterfalls and pleasing rivulets are no exception.


Majorly the winter season is favorable to explore the blankets of snow. In Uttarakhand, this priceless experience is settled. The destination is famous for its cable cars and skiing resorts. It feels like Switzerland in India. Upon visiting you will realize not many tourists throng the place because of its unpopular route but once it comes to the mainstream it would be the most visited place in India.

Andaman Islands

The Island is unfastened from the land of India but belongs to the Indian administration. The beaches are exotic but the underwater exposure is beyond comparison. The corals and aquatic plants could be felt while scuba diving. To explore an underwater paradise, this is the best location for you. Besides, it is also enriched with the heritage of ancient India.

Caving in Meghalaya

It is that one Indian state that exposes you to taste the clouds from above unlike from below. Caving in Meghalaya is one that will shake your nerves but yet seem pleasurable. Striding and inclining, to reach incredible spaces of the caves that you might not have envisioned in your dreams.


The kingdom of indigenous wildlife. Located in North Bengal inspired by mother nature and shelters a large variety of animals that are left free of their own will but are prevented from harming tourists. Here, you get the opportunity to brave through the forest resorts. A stay there requires enormous courage. When you come across stunning sights of wandering animals, you cannot resist the excitement of clicking spontaneous pictures.

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