SugarHill Keem Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, And Age

SugarHill Keem Net Worth: Rapper SugarHill Keem from Harlem, New York, is an American with a $100,000 fortune. He is one of the up-and-coming rappers from New York City and has made himself known as a major player in the drill music scene.

This gifted rapper, who frequently goes by the stage name “Mr. Move Look,” only began rapping in November 2021. Despite having little to no prior expertise, he has somehow managed to create more than a dozen hit singles, many of which have seen their view counts reach the seven-digit mark.

Thanks to his exceptional musical talent, SugarHill Keem quickly attracted a large fanbase, garnered a lot of views on his songs, and gained a lot of attention.

SugarHill Keem Net Worth 2023:

Real NameRakeem McMillan
Stage NameSugarHill Keem
Net Worth 2023$100,000
Age20 years old
Date Of Birth2002

Early Life:

Rakeem McMillan, also known as SugarHill Keem, was born in 2002 in Harlem, New York City. Aside from growing up on Sugarhill’s risky streets.

There isn’t a much more information available regarding the years that passed before he rose to prominence in 2021. But we do know a little about his past: Keem grew up with an identical twin named OY Quan.

Legal Issues:

He and his brother were 16 years old when they came into contact with the police in the summer of 2018. Four police officers were looking into a fight that had broken out at Keem and Quan’s apartment complex on Westchester Avenue at the time.

The brothers caught themselves on camera cursing at the cops because they were not happy to see local officials intruding their personal space. The video was posted on social media, where it soon gained popularity.

The officers were denigrated and insulted for two minutes before being told to quote in the video, which has since been removed off the internet. It turns out that things weren’t nearly as over as they imagined after uploading that video.

Rakeem was detained at 2:30 in the am the following day for a strong-armed robbery that allegedly involved the theft of a scooter. Then, at about the same time, police detained his identical brother Quan for a completely unrelated robbery.

According to a Facebook post from his mother, SuharHill Keem was detained by the police in May 2022 for reasons that are yet unknown and sent to Riker’s island. According to social media rumours, Keem’s arrest appears to have been a last-ditch effort by police.

Music Career:

SugarHill Keem was a musician before 2021, but up until the fall of that year, he hardly ever picked up a microphone. Keem had no idea where a career in music would lead him because he had lived on the streets all of his life.

Before he met the Bronx rapper Sha EK, who at the time asked him into the studio, he wasn’t even thinking about trying it. Before that, Keem and drill artist Edot Baby had spent a significant amount of time growing up close to one another in the same area.

But Keem didn’t start thinking about an alternative life for himself until he was serving time in jail (whether for the offence we discussed before or for something unrelated).

These two paired together for the underground tune Brothers, which was released in September 2021, after quickly striking up a rapport. A few months later, the two of them joined up with Edot Baby to create “Touch The Ground,” Keem’s biggest success to date.

From there, Keem produced a few solo songs, all of which were able to take use of his early collaborations with more well-known artists to earn millions of views for each and every new release. These songs include Flock At The Flockas, Everybody’s Shot, Don’t Get Shot, and Don’t Trip.

In addition, this rapper could possibly require two aliases to be recognised for all the music he has recently released. In 2022, SugarHill Keem began to put in more hours after establishing himself with the aid of other local musicians.

He started putting out a tonne of new music, such as Can’t Wait, Evil Twins, and many others.

SugarHill Keem Net Worth:

The predicted net worth of SugarHill Keem in 2023 is $100,000. He has amassed a large fortune for himself and is currently one of the game’s rising rappers. Although the rapper is still in the start of his career, SugarHill made money through his music career.

SugarHill Keem started monetizing his YouTube account in November 2021, and as of this writing, all of his music videos had received over a million views.

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