SosMula Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Height And More

SosMula Net Worth

SosMula Net Worth & income: SosMula is a Brazilian rapper with a net worth of $400,000. Vinny Sosa is the real name of this underground hip hop artist, but he is better known by his stage name, SosMula. He became well-known after putting out the hit song “Shinners 13,” which he did with ZillaKami.

Artists like Machine Gun Kelly and Post Malone have opened the door for amazing crossover records in rap, but SosMula is one of the few who has made a style all their own.

Sos started writing his own raps when he was in the seventh grade, but he didn’t take it more seriously until he met ZillaKami, his future musical partner, the day after he got out of jail after a long stay.

Quick Bio

Net Worth$400 thousand
Age28 years old
Date Of BirthApril 19, 1994
Zodiac SignAries
InstagramClick Here

Early years:

SosMula was born Vinny Sosa in So Paulo, Brazil, on April 19, 1994. After living in the city for the first few years of his life, his parents, Paul Sosa and Anna Lima, moved to the United States in 1996. His family lived in the Lower East Side of Manhattan for the next nine years. His father worked in construction, and his mother, Anna, used to work at a tattoo parlor.

Sos’s family moved from the Lower East Side to the Upper East Side when he was 12 years old. While he was there, his dad was always gone, and when he was in the ninth grade, his mom moved back to Brazil. So, he took him out into the streets of Spanish Harlem to finish raising him.

Soon after that, he met some drug dealers, and they all started calling him “Sos.” From then on, Sos found himself looking up to all of these bad examples. Sos had already learned how to rap by this time, but he had never figured out how to use his skills to make money.

Sos started selling drugs and taking part in robberies when he was 13. He did this for most of his teenage years. By the time he was 16, he had his first weapon charge. The police took him in because he had fired his gun in public. He was lucky to get out on bail. Then, like his father, he went to work in construction, but that only lasted a week.

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SosMula left Spanish Harlem in 2016 and moved to Brooklyn, where he worked with an artist named ZillaKami. Sos’s main interest as a child was music, and he bought as many CDs as he could. He was influenced by rappers like Yong Thug, Future, Cheif Keif, and 50 Cent.

In the seventh grade, he started writing his own songs. Sos joined forces with ZilaKami, and the two of them hit the ground running. They are now known as City Morgue. They started putting out songs on SoundCloud, where they were played millions of times.

They put out singles like “Shinners 13,” “Wardog Anthem,” and “SK8 Head” with the help of producer THRAXX. After putting out a lot of songs on SoundCloud, the band became popular when they played at South by Southwest. They then put out their first studio album, CITY MORGUE VOL. 1: HELL OR HIGH WATER.

They kept putting out new albums, like VOL 2: AS GOOD AS DEAD and CITY MORGUE VOLUME 3: BOTTOM OF THE BARREL.

SosMula’s first solo mixtape, 13 SONGS 2 DIE 2, came out in August 2021. Singles from the mixtape include Vanilla Sky and Criminal. During the global pandemic, he worked alone to record more than 300 songs.

In April 2023, half a year later, Sos released his second solo project, 2 HIGH 2 DIE. The hit song “YAKUZA 2000” was on the mixtape.

SosMula Net Worth:

SosMula’s net worth is thought to be around $400,000 as of 2023. He is one of the up-and-coming rappers in the music business. Since his first mixtape, 13 SONGS 2 DIE 2, came out, he has been getting better.

Most of his money comes from the music business, like when he works with other musicians like 6ix9ine and others. SosMula also has a YouTube channel where he posts his music videos, each of which gets tens of thousands of views.

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