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Sha EK

Sha EK Net Worth: Sha EK is a Bronx, New York-born American rapper and composer with a $100,000 net worth as of 2023. Sha Ek, a rapper from one of the world’s most dangerous areas, is just the latest in a long series of potential drill artists to find success outside of it.

He is one of the nation’s up-and-coming rappers, and he only began his rap career at the age of 15. Sha EK has been releasing popular singles since he started his career in 2018 and has since become an internet superstar.

Sha EK gained popularity after releasing his top songs like D&D and In The Function. The rapper quickly rose to fame and has already racked up millions of views for his music videos.

Net Worth 2023:

NameSha EK
Net Worth$100,000
Age19 years old
Date Of Birth2003
Birth PlaceBronx, New York

Early Life:

Sha EK was raised in the Bronx, New York, where she was born in 2003. He is of Honduran descent. Nothing about the Bronx’s reputation as a hazardous neighbourhood, particularly for children, has changed throughout time. Sha EK was so exposed to street crime and brutality as a young child.

He attempted to keep himself occupied for a short while by honing his basketball skills, but it didn’t work. Sha EK became a touch irrational with disappointment after losing a championship game, quitting the sport entirely.


He made the decision to start hustling about that time when he was just 13 years old. Violence followed Sha EK practically everywhere he went after that. With his former pals B-Lovee and K Flock, he got into a fight.

Sha EK and B-Lovee shared a Bronx upbringing. Sha EK’s friend Ddot did not, in fact, introduce Sha to Dougie B and K Flock, among other friends. These guys initially got along great and even worked together on a few independent tracks, including “Back Out The Knocks.”

Street politics soon separated them, and now these once-close pals are on opposing sides. Rapper The Blockwork, who also collaborated with Sha on his chart-topping song “D&D,” is another option.

About a year ago, Sha made a suggestion in an interview that Blockwork had spied on one of their own staff, and from that point on, the game was on.

However, there are additional persistent claims that Sha EK failed to compensate Blockwork fairly for his inclusion in their popular song. Sha retaliated when Blockwork’s boss attempted to claim that he had signed Sha EK.

Music Career:

Sha EK wasn’t much a music nerd when he first started his rap career. His earliest memories are practising freestyle with his neighbours, including B-Lovee.

Sha EK, however, realised he had to find a way to make changes in order to avoid ending up the same when he started to notice the bodies accumulating around him and as he lost more and more close friends.

His friend Pj Glizzy took him to the recording studio to begin his music career, and ever since then he hasn’t wanted to leave. Sha EK recorded his early singles under the name “Jiggy Man” before seeing any major success. But no one ever bought any of those tunes.

He switched to his normal speaking voice and upped his anger by a thousand percent around the time he was having trouble in the music business. Then the hard-hitting drill bars appeared, and all of a sudden people began to take notice of his music.

Soon after, Sha EK would also take back the moniker “Jiggy Man,” adopting it as the title of one of his most well-known songs, Jiggy Man This, Jiggy Man That. His very first record was called “JIIGYONJIIGY.”

He claims that Sha EK also signed a recording contract at the age of 16. A few months later, he signed a lucrative new deal, which netted him a large sum. Because he realises he can’t stay there forever, he used that money to buy his mother a new house outside of the Bronx.

Every week, Sha EK kept releasing new music videos with titles like “Get Back,” “One in the Head,” “New Opps,” and “Too Oppy,” among others. Additionally, he launched his own record label, called OGE, or Original Goons Entertainment.

Sha EK Net Worth:

Sha EK net worth is predicted to be about $100,000 as of 2023. He is one of the new performers on the rise and has already achieved great success with his hit songs.

The music industry, including hit singles, live performances, collaborations with other artists, and his YouTube channel, provides the majority of his income. On October 13, 2019, Sha EK created his YouTube channel.

We Droppin, New Opps, Shot in the Party, Too Oppy, Shi# Cra#y, and Get Back are some of the most well-liked music videos Sha EK has ever released on his channel.

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