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Are you searching for an infrared foot massager in Pakistan?  Brief Introduction of 220V Infrared Foam foot Physical Therapist with Heat Instructions: This Product Assists Medical, Magnetic Therapy, AN Organic Vibration Massager, infrared foot massager foot mass Vibration Massager in Pakistan. Organic overall, infinitely variable pace vibration depth of latest product performance, that is the great foot care consultant. To sell preceding supersedes, online purchasing in Pakistan With Free Home Delivery

ABC purchasing Pakistan blood circulation, getting rid of neuropathic pain, getting rid of muscle fatigue and controlling nutrient blood, moving, filling inner organs, scaffolding stampede rubdown is the simplest mirrored image of Home Heat Care. Features Vibrations from the soles of the ft to the massive location, from the arch of the toes. ABC merchandise in Pakistan. Vibration depth pace, adjustable. Infrared foot rubdown in Pakistan stimulates an unmarried radiation area placed withinside the vibrating components of the floor granule floor, thereby activating the bitumen. Once laid low with vibration, the bodily situation additionally levels from one to 3 and a solitary, discreet alternative must be used. The curler massages every reflective location and stimulates the soles of the ft. Far-infrared warmness can increase immunity and enhance metabolism and blood circulation.

How to use Infrared Foot Massager?

Press the Message button to show on vibrating rubdown mode. The tank will begin to vibrate. Set foot at the rubdown tab, the extent of vibration is strong, relying on the extent of your foot urgent down.


  1. Equipped with sticking out head vibration messages in accordance with lifestyle science, stimulate the nerve points, enhance snoozing quality.
  2. Get a deep restoration remedy to your ft with the Infrared Foot Massager.
  3. Increased circulation and blood float enables you to hold vitamins in your extremities.
  4. Vibrating foot rubdown to ward of tiredness.
  5. Stimulating blood circulates.
  6. Infrared and heating rubdown.
  7. Easy operation.
  8. The gibbous floor should fire up the acupuncture of ft.

Material: ABS plastic

Color: White


Voltage: 220V

Frequency: 60HZ


Net Weight: About 1.5KG


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