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Are you searching for a Silicone Bowl Seal Cover in Pakistan? 100% Original Food Grade Silicone, BPA Free Suitable for: Dishes, Pans, Containers, Fruits and more! The identical silicone utilized in our high-stop children’s pacifiers. It is secure to apply at loads of temperatures. Note: Do now no longer use withinside the oven. Perfect for containers, utensils, plates, cans, jars, Mugs, and more. Easy-To-Use – Provides four Marking Lines. Silicone Free BPA Graduates. Easy to signal and flexible. Dishwasher and Freezer Safe. Hot Heat. Not the Warp. The shadeation is randomly selected. Suitable for any form container (7cm – 26cm) – circle, oval, square, rectangle, etc. Good for picnics, parties, etc. Environmental-Friendly the perfect area for plastic wrap. Simple tabs next to the outer edge provide easy placement handles.

The Silicone Seal Cover Pack of 6, is every other pinnacle excellent kitchen product introduced to you through the Telebrands. The Silicone Seal Cover Pack of 6 essentially is composed for six excessive, excellent, meals grade and stretchable silicone covers designed to cowl bowls, plate or dish with ease.

The Silicone Seal Cover Pack of 6 allows to offer the hermetic seal to all of your edibles, so that you will revel in crisper and brisker merchandise every time you need to eat. The silicone covers are cleanable and reusable; all of the customers can effortlessly wash the silicone cowl with slight detergent and soap.

The Silicone Seal Cover Pack of 6 is available in six one-of-a-kind sizes and starting from 2.seventy five Inches to ten Inches in total. As the silicone covers are stretchable, so it doesn’t say whether or not the form of the bowl or plate because the silicone seal will effortlessly cowl it with none issues at all.

The Silicone Seal Cover Pack of 6 is crafted from silicone, so it stays non-slip on glass, metallic plastic or different surfaces. The silicone seal cowl seal is so tight that you could effortlessly cowl a whole watermelon with it.

The Silicone Seal Cover Pack of 6 is the faster, faster and within your means opportunity to the misplaced lids of bows and plates. The Silicone Seal Cover Pack of 6 comes inside the lovely obvious blue color, so that you can effortlessly take a preview of your plate or bowl from the pinnacle side.

How to use Silicone Bowl Seal Cover

  1. Before putting in the lid, make certain the field is easy and dry.
  2. To get a cowl that permits leakage, the lid ought to be well adjusted. It is first-rate to apply a lid that is barely smaller than the field you need to cowl, however if it’s miles too small and too wide, it is able to slip later.
  3. Clothes with tabs on the edges are clean to handle, due to the fact you could pull the tabs to create a pleasing logo.


  1. Good fine & ideal brand: All silicone meals covers and length plates are available in plenty of sizes, our covers use PREMIUM cloth and get GREAT GOODS on the rims that offer excessive fine.
  2. These are smooth, tough and stretchy sufficient to in shape over regular formed boxes to save you spills at the same time as storing meals fresh. online purchasing in Pakistan With Free Home Delivery 
  3. Safe & Environmental: High fine silicone, non-toxic, BPA free, 100% Phthalate Free, Lead Free, Plastic Free. 
  4. The dishwasher and Microwave are secure. NO extrade in shadeation and warmth resistance as much as 450 F. 
  5. Just cowl your meals and warmth withinside the microwave or freeze. Safe and wholesome in grownup and toddler storage.
  6. Excellent compatibility: They may be stretched to in shape maximum boxes: like a bowl, cups, glassware, pyrex, pot, meals can, brief pot, crockpots. Also beneficial Fruits and Fruits: watermelon, pineapple, catalog, lemon, onion or different culmination and vegetables.
  7. Material

silicone in food grade


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