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Are you seeking out quality transportable steam sauna tub tub gadget in Pakistan?  Are you overly involved about your look and need to appear your quality? Now an afternoon each 2nd character is involved in approximately his or her excessive calorie consumption and desires to lessen it in some days. The Portable Steam Sauna Bath is constructed with the aid of using the efforts of pinnacle fitness specialists who’ve observed an actual and smooth manner to burn extra calories. Steam bathe enables you to appear clever and slender with the aid of using sparkling skin. It additionally enables enhanced blood movement and frame composition and might make you feel smooth and lively after taking a Sauna Bath with 2 thermostats. online buying in Pakistan With Free Home Delivery

Steam Sauna is used to shed pounds and lose a number of fats and calories. It additionally has the strength to heal the thoughts and frame and convey comforting outcomes with its Aromatherapy quality. You can remove all of the hypersensitive reactions and fatigue after taking it out and feel empowered to do extra activities. In addition, you could bring it everywhere at any time due to its transportable quality. You can look for different massagers like Body massager and Back massager.

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How to use the Portable Sauna Bath Machine?

  1. Connect the smoke generator to the energy plug and set the timer for your preferred time
  2. half-hour is the everyday time for a sauna consultation
  3. You also can upload some drops of scented oil to revel in your sauna consultation and near the lid
  4. Use steam pipes to attach the steam generator to the steam cabin and location the cabin om down / down
  5. You also can positioned a plastic / sewage chair in the cabin to revel in the consultation well
  6. Open the two-manner slider cable to go into the steam room and near the series


  • It facilitates the burning of extra calories and detoxifying the body.
  • It brings mild to the pores and skin and makes us look younger.
  • Aromatherapy for recuperation and soothing the thoughts and body.
  • Feel unfastened and don’t fear approximately this Sauna Bath kit.
  • It facilitates to enhance the digestive gadget and blood circulation
  • It facilitates lessening the weight of poisonous toxins.
  • Flexible timer for clean operation


  • 1 x Steam Generator
  • 1 x Steam Sauna Tent
  • 1 x Sauna Bag
  • 2 x Vapor hose
  • Power: 230 V / 50 H2
  • Wattage: six hundred Watt (Approx) 60 Minute Default Time
  • Safety: 2 Thermostats
  • There can be shadeation variations because of variations withinside the photograph decision and the real shadeation / computer
  • Weight: 5kg



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