PBE Pluto Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, And Age

PBE Pluto Net Worth: American rapper PBE Pluto is from Mobile, Alabama, and as of 2023, he has a $1 million net worth. He can release bars and beats and is also a veteran, aspiring fashion designer, and entrepreneur in addition to being a rap artist.

PBE rose to fame after releasing the music “Soak up the Drip,” which has nearly one million streams on Spotify and his YouTube channel.

He is one of the nation’s up-and-coming rappers, and it appears that in the following years he will rank among the top performers in the music business.

Net Worth 2023:

NamePBE Pluto
Net Worth$1 Million
Age35 years old
Date Of BirthFebruary 17, 1987
ProfessionMusical Artist

Early Life:

Brent Parker, who would later become PBE Pluto, was born on February 17, 1987, in Mobile, Alabama, where he spent most of his youth living in the Orange Grove Projects. Around the age of 12, Pluto claimed to have moved houses more than 50 times.

Stacy, Pluto’s mother, hustled and performed odd jobs intermittently throughout Pluto’s childhood, until she was ultimately sent away to serve an eight-year prison sentence when Pluto was just a young boy. Percy, his father, was gone from the family while serving in the military. He was always sent to spend the summer with his maternal grandma.

Pluto had two siblings on his father’s side and four on his mother’s side, totaling six children. Pluto was very active in sports as a child, but he eventually discovered that music was his true love. He started observing the school band rehearse when he was young and became interested in music. At just ten years old, he quickly attained the position as primary drummer in a Second-line band.

At that point, he was inspired to pursue his aspirations of being a musician, so he started playing at neighbourhood events including parades, weddings, and parties. He was given permission to perform at clubs at the same time and earn $50 per hour for each performance. He went to Murphy High School and used his leisure time to hustle and work hard for as much money as he could.

Pluto made the decision to enlist in the Navy soon after finishing high school, following in his father’s footsteps. Prior to then, he had only had a few odd jobs, like helping out his uncle and working as a dishwasher in a nearby restaurant for a few months. In order to care for his younger siblings, he left the Navy.

Later, he went to Remington College and graduated with an associate’s degree in computer science. Following that, he enrolled at Faulkner University to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Pluto was quite busy at that time working towards his dream of becoming a successful rap musician.


Together, Pluto and his brother Kambi formed the group PBE, going by the names Pluto and Young Kambi in the beginning of their careers. He had just purchased his first personalised chain bearing the initial PBE, which stands for Parker Boy Entertainment, after breaking into the music industry.

Soon later, when Pluto had some additional cash, he had also added his stage name.

When Pluto relocated to Atlanta in 2015, the pair took their craft seriously and started producing some genuine stars. They released songs like “Go Low” and “Drip Drip,” with the former reaching the Top 40 on the US iTunes Charts and other independent charts across Europe.

Pluto has operated two nightclubs in the past, including Club Infinity and a Lead Cigar Lounge, in addition to his music career. Also, he ran his catering business and Parker Sour Food restaurant.

Eventually he made appearances in Hollywood films like Prince with 50 Cent and Bruce Willis. Even his own clothing brand, “Cross Cultured,” was named after him.

PBE Pluto Net Worth:

PBE Pluto’s net worth is anticipated to be close to $1 million as of 2023. His primary sources of revenue include music-related activities like live performances, top singles, band collaborations, and his own YouTube channel.

He joined YouTube at the beginning of 2017 and started posting his music videos there. The rapper’s music videos have thousands of views. His companies, including his fashion line and clubs, are another source of wealth for him.

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