How to Pair Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones to Android, iPhone, Windows 10, and MacOS

Skullcandy Crusher wireless headphones: Do you want to know how to get them to work with each other? End your search with this post.

The reason we can help is because we will show you how you can connect your Crusher headphones to a lot of different devices like iPhones and Androids.

A pair of Skullcandy Crusher headphones comes in two colours: black and white. Their style and efficiency make them one of the best headphones on the market.

You can connect them to a lot of different Bluetooth devices. They make music sound smooth and clear, which is great for listening to.

How to Pair Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones to Android

Take a look at this guide if you want to connect your Skullcandy Crusher to different Bluetooth devices.

A few important tips

Before you connect your Skullcandy Crusher to a Bluetooth device, there are some things to think about.

The headphones should be fully charged before you connect them to a device.

Also, make sure that your phone, tablet, computer, or other device is fully charged.

Keep your headphones close to the device to which you want to connect them, so they work better. Bluetooth should be able to work at least 30 feet away. But, keep at least three feet between both devices.

When you use Bluetooth, you should make sure that your mobile device or computer is not paired with another Bluetooth device. Because it could get in the way of the new connection.

There should not be a Bluetooth connection already made between your headphones and something else. If you don’t, you won’t be able to connect them to a new computer or phone.

Within five minutes of turning on pairing mode, you should be able to connect them to your chosen device.

Your Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones need to be in pairing mode in order to connect to each other.

First, before you can connect your Bluetooth headphones to any other Bluetooth device, you need to put them into pairing mode. Take the steps that are shown below.

On your headphones, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds or until the LED lights up. Then, turn off your headphones. In order to get them to work together, all you have to do is turn them on.

This means that your headphones are now turned on. If the LED lights up red and blue, they are in pairing mode and are ready to connect.

A voice prompt also says “pairing.” Now, other Bluetooth devices can find your headphones and connect to them.

The first thing you need to do is connect your Skullcandy Crusher headphones to Android.

It’s important that your headphones are in a mode where they can connect to each other.

Go to “Settings” on your Android phone or tablet to change the settings.

Then, choose Bluetooth and turn it on, and you are done. Some Android phones and tablets have the ‘Other Connections’ option, which is where the Bluetooth menu is.

To see your headphones, click on the “Available devices” option. Your headphones will show up in this list.

As soon as you click on their name, they will start connecting to your Android phone.

Connect your Skullcandy Crusher Headphones to your iPhone.

Turn on your iPhone.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then, choose Bluetooth and turn on your phone.

Turn Bluetooth on, and it will show you a list of Bluetooth devices that are near you that you can use.

Take one of the headphones that are on the list and they will connect in a few minutes.

There are two ways to show that you’ve connected: You can get a notification on your iPhone, or you can play a sound file on your iPhone to show that you’ve paired.

If you want to connect your Skullcandy Crusher headphones to Windows 10, do this: 3.

These steps will show you how to connect your headphones to a computer with Windows 10.

It’s time to pair up your headphones.

Click on the “Start Menu” on your Windows 10 to start it.

In the next step, choose ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Devices’.

Bluetooth and other devices can be found by clicking on it. Turn Bluetooth on.

Add a new Bluetooth device by clicking on the “Add a new Bluetooth device” button.

Your computer will look for the devices that are out there. Tap on your Skullcandy Crusher headphones. Then, choose “Pair/Connect” from the menu.

Notifications will tell you that both devices have been paired up, so you will know.

For the fourth time, connect your Skullcandy Crusher headphones to Mac OS.

It’s on the top left corner of your MacBook screen. You can tap it.

In the next step, choose “System Preferences.” It will show you a lot of different options.

When you touch the “Bluetooth” icon, a window will open. You can choose what to do next.

Turn on Bluetooth and let your Mac search for Bluetooth devices that are nearby.

Double-click the name of your Crusher headphones. You can also click once and then click “Connect” to connect them to your phone.

What to do if your Skullcandy Crusher headphones won’t connect to each other.

If your headphones won’t connect, you should try clearing the pairing list to see if that helps. Before you connect your Crusher headphones to a new device, it’s a good idea to reset them.

If you want to reset your headphones, you can do this:

On your headphones, look for the volume controls.

In this case, press and hold both the “Volume Up” button and the “Volume Down” button at once.

After 10 seconds, or when the two LED indicators turn yellow and then flash blue and red, you can let go of the button.

This way, you can set your headphones back up.

Another step is to remove them from the devices they were previously paired with. Follow the steps below to do this.

Take a look at the Bluetooth menu on your audio player. The name of your Crusher headphones can be tapped to get to it quickly.

The “info or I button is next to your device. Click it.

This is the next step. To remove it from your device, click “Forget this Device/Disconnect.”

Now, you can connect your headphones to a different device by putting them into Bluetooth pairing mode, and you can do this now.

If the reset method doesn’t work, then you should reset your phone or tablet (iPhone, Android). Update your headphones and mobile device to get them to work together again.

The last words

Our goal is that you have found this article interesting and that it has helped you through the steps of putting together your new home.

We’ve also told you some important things you need to do to make sure your headphones and audio device can connect to each other over Bluetooth.

This guide can also help you if your Skullcandy Crusher won’t connect to a Bluetooth device.

Finally, this article has told you how to connect your Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones to your iPhone, Android, Windows 10, and Mac OS.