How To Mirror Android Phone To TV Without WiFi

When you watch videos on your TV, it is a lot of fun to see them on such a big screen. It’s possible that you don’t know how to mirror an Android phone to a TV without Wifi.

Without WiFi, it will have to use some tricks in order to mirror. However, we have found a lot of ways to mirror things.

How To Mirror Android Phone To TV Without WiFi
How To Mirror Android Phone To TV Without WiFi

Method 1: Built-in Mirroring.

Most of the new smart TVs have a feature called Miracast that lets you share your screen with other people. It connects to other things with Bluetooth.

So, you can mirror your Android phone even if you don’t have Wi-Fi, so you can. However, your phone must be able to use Miracast.

However, you can make sure your TV is compatible by reading the user manual. Most of the new TVs made by Sony, LG, and Samsung have this feature.

That’s how it works:

Go to your Android phone’s settings and turn on the Bluetooth so you can talk to each other.

Open the “menu” on your TV. Then, choose “Settings.”

When you find the Bluetooth or screen mirroring options, make sure that they are turned on.

Wait for your TV to find your Android device. When it does, it should show up in the “Screen Mirroring List.”

Android phones may ask for the passcode when they connect for the first time, just like when Bluetooth is set up for the first time.

As long as you agree with the terms and follow the on-screen instructions, you can finish the process.

Now, your phone screen will be shown on your TV, so you can see everything you do on your phone on the bigger screen.

Turning off Bluetooth will stop the screen from being shown.

This is the second way to connect to Bluetooth.

If your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can use another way to connect. All but a few of the older TVs don’t have Bluetooth or Miracast.

But, you can still connect your Android phone to your TV and show it on the big screen. Bluetooth dongles can be bought on Amazon and are the only thing you need to do this.

Smart: It can be plugged into your TV’s USB port. It acts as a way to get signals from one device to another.

Plug the Bluetooth dongle into a USB port on your TV and you’re ready to use it. Turn the Bluetooth on your Android phone to its full power.

Make sure both of the devices you want to mirror are on the same Bluetooth list on your phone. Then connect them and start mirroring the screen.

This is the third method: Connecting to an HDMI port

In case you don’t like the above methods, try the simplest one first! It’s simple: You just need to connect your phone to your TV to mirror the screen.

It doesn’t need any kind of WiFi support at all. Most TVs have one or more HDMI/USB ports, and most come with more than one of each. Most of the time, they are found at the back of your TV set.

The first thing you need to do is turn on USB debugging on your Android. There is an option to turn this on in the setting. Take these steps if it doesn’t show up

Go to the ‘Settings’ on your phone. Then, go to the “About Phone” tab.

Navigate to the “Build Number” and tap it seven times.

The screen will show you a message that says “Tapping further will open up Developer Options.” When the “Developer Option” is turned on, stop tapping the “Build Number.”

Go back and restart your phone, then open the setting again.

Take a look at the ‘Developer Options’ menu. You should see it next to the ‘System Settings’ menu.

Find the “USB debugging” option and turn the switch to make it work.

Now, take an HDMI cable and connect one end to your Android phone. Then, plug the other end into the HDMI or USB port on your TV, and you’re done!

As soon as you connect both devices, the screen on your phone will mirror the screen on your TV.

It’s the fourth step in the process.

This is an option for when you want to show the same thing on your TV as you see on your phone. Screencasting is a good choice.

However, it limits how much of the screen can be mirror. It is specific to the app, like when Youtube has Screencasting.

Mirroring is done like this:

You can open the Youtube app on both your Android phone and your TV to watch videos.

When you get home, look for the TV code. Enter it on the Android phone and you’ll be all set.

It’s easy: Play a video, then click the “Cast” button in the corner of your screen.

All of the videos on Youtube will show up on your TV screen. To cast from other apps like Netflix, just do the same thing you did for the first time.

Use Chromecast and Other Devices for Method 5

A more advanced way to show your Android phone’s screen on your TV is to use this app to do it. Adding to that, you can also use this device to mirror other smart phones and other devices without having to use WiFi.

You can buy a Chromecast on Amazon for not very much money. These steps will show you how to mirror your phone through Chromecast.

Make sure that your TV is on. Plug the Chromecast into an HDMI or USB port on your TV and turn it on, then

To get Google Home, go to the Play Store on your Android and click on “Google Home.”

This app will show you how to connect your TV to your phone.

It gives you full mirroring options and is one of the simplest ways to do it.

ScreenBeam Mini2 adapter is another thing. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, it mirrors your phone screen to your TV.

The last words

If you don’t have a smart TV or WiFi, don’t worry. You can still watch your phone videos on the big TV screen.

There are many ways to mirror the screen. This article has talked about five ways.

They all let you mirror your Android phone screen to the TV even if you don’t have Wifi. It’s up to you to tell us which method you thought was the best in the comment box.