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Mc Hammer

Mc Hammer Net Worth: With a net worth of $3 million US as of 2023, Mc Hammer is a well-known American rapper, entertainer, dancer, record producer, and multi-talented personality. Around the 1990s was when his career peaked, and ever since then, he has gained a great deal of notoriety in the music industry.

The rapper had a huge net worth of $70 million at the time, but over time he squandered most of it due to extravagant personal spending. Hammer is primarily renowned for his outrageous clothing and flamboyant dancing abilities. With the release of his sophomore album, Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em, which ended up selling the most rap albums of all time, Mc Hammer shot to fame.

Hammer gained a 33 million empire in the process. But a few years later, as a result of his out-of-control spending, he filed for bankruptcy. You may read about Mc Hammer’s complete net worth, his sources of income, his career, his biography, and how he lost his money in this article.

Net Worth 2023:

NameMc Hammer
Net Worth 2023$3 Million
Annual Salary$700,000
ProfessionRapper, Dancer, Record Producer,
Preacher, Entrepreneur
Zodiac SignAries

Early Life:

Stanley Kirk Burrell, better known as MC Hammer, was born in Oakland, California, on March 30, 1962. Hammer, who came from a deeply religious household, got a job as a batboy for the Oakland Athletics. Which is the baseball team, where he would dazzle spectators with his dancing during breaks.

As a result of his constant presence on the team, Reggie Jackson gave him the moniker “Hammer” due to his likeness to the all-time leader in home runs. He enjoys solo music in addition to baseball, which is his true passion. When he was only 3 years old, he saw James Brown sing at the Apollo on television and started immediately imitating his musical hero.

While his father, Lewis Burrell, was a professional poker player, his mother was a secretary. In an Oakland housing project apartment with three bedrooms, Hammer grew up with eight siblings. Hammer entered the U.S. Navy after receiving his high school diploma from Oakland’s McClymonds High School.

Hammer served in the Navy for three years before returning to the civilian world to pursue his musical aspirations. With the assistance of a few of his former teammates in the Oakland athletics, Hammer began giving performances at neighbourhood clubs.


Feel My Power, MC Hammer’s debut studio album, was recorded in 1987 for his record company. He made a good impression on Capitol Records’ upper management, who later signed him to a multi-album deal. His first endeavour was a remake of the album Feel My Power, which has amassed over 2 million sales.

Additionally, Hammer’s career got off to a good start with this endeavour, which earned him his first Double Platinum record. Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em, Hammer’s second album for Capitol Records, was released in 1990 and quickly rose to the status of his masterpiece.

The album went on to become the first in hip-hop history to sell more than 10 million copies. The album featured the chart-topping track U Can’t Touch This, which was featured on the album and helped it stay at the top of the Billboard list for four weeks. The smash hit would rule the airwaves and MTV on its way to taking home two Grammy Awards for Best R&B Song and Best Solo Rap Performance.

Have You Seen Her and Pray, Hammer’s following two singles, gained popularity and peaked in the top 10. Hammer embarked on a 1991 European tour with the aid of the record after releasing three enormously successful songs. Many well-known artists, including Prince, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, and Faith No More, were sampled on the popular album.

Too Legit To Quit, Hammer’s third studio album from 1991, had a respectable amount of sales and was a hit. The album’s title tune was a tremendous smash and peaked at number five on the Billboard 200. Hammer and Boyz II Men embarked on an expensive tour following the album’s enormous success.

In partnership with numerous well-known personalities, he produced one of the most expensive music videos for the song 2 Legit 2 Quit. The record reached multi-platinum and was a huge success. When MC Hammer released his sixth studio album Inside Out V in 1995, it would be the last time one of his albums would ever chart. His fifth studio album The Funky Headhunter would be his last to achieve Platinum.

MC Hammer Bankruptcy:

At the height of his power and notoriety, Hammer had earned himself a net worth estimated to be around a million. He had a workforce of around 200 employees, and he was known to travel with an entourage that was at least 40 persons deep.

Hammer was spending close to $500,000 a month merely to support his entire crew due to the large number of people in his orbit, and of course, as someone who pioneered new musical genres, he wasn’t content to just live in a large house that already existed.

Instead, he makes history once more, this time in a 40,000 square foot home that would end up costing him an unbelievable $30 million to build, in the hills above the neighbourhood where he was raised. He also founded the Oaktown Stable, home to 19 thoroughbred horses, including the colt named Dance Floor who placed third in the 1992 Kentucky Derby.

Hammer spent millions of dollars buying a record label, a 12 acre property in Fremont, California, dozens of expensive sports cars, private jets, helicopters, and even a stretch limousine. Hammer was then leading the life he had always envisioned. He formally declared bankruptcy in 1996.

In addition, he recorded the album Family Affair in 1998, which was intended for publication on his label but was cancelled after 1000 copies were printed. After then, several further projects were said to be in development, but none of them materialised until Hammer released a series of independent albums in the early 2000s with names like Active Duty, Full Blast, Look Look Look, and DanceJam The Music.

Although none of it was particularly effective, Hammer still had one card left to play. He also contributes some cash to a few software businesses. He claimed that in the early 1990s, while working on a music video, he initially developed an interest in tech businesses. Hammer claims that he was even present to lend some money to the founding of both YouTube and Twitter. Ever since then, he has kept an eye out for future investment opportunities.

Hammer gradually rebuilt his financial empire piece by piece, but it was never as successful as it had been in the early 1990s. Hammer released a new song in 2014 called Raider Nation, and in 2017 he released an updated version of his 1990s hit Help The Children.

Personal Life:

In 1985, MC Hammer wed Stephanie Burrell. The couple has two daughters named Sarah Burrell and A’keiba Burrell in addition to three sons named Bobby Burrell, Jeremiah Murry Burrell, and Sammy Burell. Hammer resides in Tracy, California, a lovely city, with his wife and their five children in a rather modest ranch-style home.


Real NameStanley Kirk Burrell
NicknameM.C. Hammer, Hammertime
Age60 years old
Date Of BirthMarch 30, 1962
Birth PlaceOakland, California,
United States
HometownOakland, California
Height5 ft 11½ in (181.5 cm)
Weight78 kg (172 lbs)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown (Natural)
Marital StatusMarried
WifeStephanie Burrell
DaughtersSarah Burrell and
A’keiba Burrell
SonsBobby, Jeremiah Murry,
Sammy Burell
FatherLewis Burrell
BrothersChris Burrell, Louis Burrell

Mc Hammer Net Worth:

The estimated net worth of Mc Hammer in 2023 is $3 million. The famous rapper from the 1990s had a net worth of up to $70 million, but he went through one of the most unbelievable tragedies in music history. Hammer blew millions on his friends and himself. As his rap career waned, his financial issues grew worse.

The rapper fell rapidly into debt and was forced to declare bankruptcy. His tenacity helped him establish himself as one of the most important rap icons of the 1990s. The $40,000 was used to start his record label, Busted Productions. The albums were sold out of the trunk of his car since he was so dedicated to his rap profession.

At that time, the $1.75 million advance he received from Capitol Records made him an instant millionaire. He quickly rose to fame, and his 1990 album Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em, which is still among the best-selling rap albums of all time, has sold more than 18 million copies. Over the course of his career, Hammer has sold more than 50 million albums.

He used his money to buy a wide range of opulent items, including 17 cars, several of which were incredibly expensive supercars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. Deion Sanders, a former NFL player who is rumoured to have loaned Hammer $500,000, was among the over 200 creditors listed in Hammer’s bankruptcy filing from April 1996 in California.

Hammer had to sell all of his possessions, often at a significant loss, but he still retains his record company and is able to play up to 50 gigs year. He performs wedding ceremonies for his friends and works as a preacher as well.

He raised $4.5 million in startup equity capital and co-founded MC Hammer presently earns more than $600,000 per year. The rapper has also made numerous commercial appearances for brands like Command, Apple Music, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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People Also Ask FAQs

How old is Mc Hammer?

MC Hammer, who is 60 years old, was born Stanley Kirk Burrell on March 30, 1962, in Oakland, California.

How much does Mc Hammer make?

The annual salary of MC Hammer exceeds $600,000.

What is the net worth of Mc Hammer?

Mc Hammer’s current net worth is $3 million.

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