Logic Net Worth: How Rich Is the Rapper in 2022?

American rapper and producer Logic is well-known for his seven studio albums and the number-one song, 1-800-273-8255. As of 2022, the Logic net worth was estimated to be $15 million.

Logic Net worth
Logic Net worth

Robert and Mary Hall welcomed their son Sir Robert Bryson Hall II in January 1990 in Rockville, Maryland. His mother is European, but his father is of African American ancestry. Sadly, they were both plagued by debilitating alcohol and drug addictions.

Early Life and Bio

Full NameSir Robert Bryson Hall II
Birth Date / AgeJanuary 22, 1990 / 32 Years Old
Birth PlaceRockville, Maryland, USA
Source of WealthRapping
Relationship StatusMarried To Brittney Noell
Height5 ft. 9 in. / 175 cm.
Net Worth$15 Million

Logic’s parents collectively have seven half-siblings, although neither parent has revealed their names.

Additionally, the rapper lived in Gaithersburg, Maryland’s West Deer Park area for a significant portion of his formative years. There, including his father, he saw his brothers prepare and sell crack cocaine to addicts.

Logic received his education at Gaithersburg High School. But as a sophomore, he was expelled for missing courses.

Logic Career and Net Worth

Around 2009, the rapper changed his stage name from “Psychological,” which he had used for a few years, to “Logic.” The following year, he then issued Young, Broke & Infamous, his debut official mixtape.

Prior to releasing his first studio album, Under Pressure in 2014, Logic will release three more mixtapes.

The album impressively achieved platinum status after selling over 1 million copies in the US. Young Jesus, Like Woah, and Fade Away are just a few of the tracks on Logic’s second studio album, The Incredible True Story, that helped him become famous. Once more, logic reached platinum.

Alessia Cara and Khalid are featured on Logic’s 2017 single 1-800-273-8255, which has more than five copies sold and more than 500 million YouTube views.

Now, simply on the Spotify platform, Logic has 12.8 million monthly listeners. Furthermore, according to Billboard, he has sold more than 5 million albums throughout the course of his career.

Logic has headlined five major tours in North America over the course of his career. The rapper has also shared the stage with artists like Wiz Khalifa and G-Eazy.

Last but not least, Logic’s song about suicide prevention was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2018.

Sense Twitter and Instagram

The rapper currently has a staggering 6.6 million Instagram followers. Along with that, as of June 2022, Logic’s Twitter account had an additional 2.2 million followers.

Individual Life

Logic’s first marriage was to singer Jessica Andrea, however it only lasted for about three years. The next year, the rapper and Brittney Noell got married. Together, they have a son named Bobby.

The rapper also struggled for a very long time with cigarette and marijuana addictions. Fortunately, after the 2014 release of Under Pressure, he promised not to light another cigarette.

Net Worth of Logic

Since the beginning of 2010, Logic’s $15 million net worth has grown. His seven studio albums, concurrent tours, and product sales have generated millions of dollars over that time. Logic, who is only 33 years old, has the potential to increase his value in the ensuing years.

FAQ on logic

Logic is how old?

The artist observes his birthday on January 22nd each year. Logic was born in 1990, making him 33 by the winter of 2023.

From whence comes logic?

Rockville, Maryland’s Montgomery County, is where logic was born. He was notable for being born at Shady Grove Hospital.

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