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Lil Kee

Lil Kee Net Worth: As of 2023, Lil Kee, an American rapper from Prichard, Alabama, had a $1 million US fortune. The Atlanta-based musician Lil Kee gained notoriety by penning some street records that were as tough as nails, only to mix singles with some vulnerable vocals overlaid on top of auto-tuned, atmospheric rhythms.

Lil Kee gained some local notoriety in A-Town with the help of a few extremely popular songs like “Hear Me Out” before catching the attention of well-known rapper Lil Baby and signing to the 4PF label in the year 2020.

The title of Kee’s debut full-length album is taken from a moving song he wrote in memory of his older brother, who kept him alive during Lil’s difficult and difficult years so that he could grow into the rapper he is today. Therefore, we will discuss Lil Kee’s overall net worth, his sources of income, his career, some of the hit songs he uploaded, and much more in this post.


Real NameKyante
NameLil Kee
Net Worth$1 Million
Age23 years old
Date Of BirthJanuary 4, 1999
Birth PlacePrichard, Alabama
ProfessionMusical artist
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Early Life:

Lil Kee was conceived on January 4, 1999, in Prichard, Alabama, a community with a population of only 20,000. Kee relocated from Alabama to Georgia when he was in the third grade and has lived there ever since. He relocated more specifically to Marietta. As a kid, he grew up alongside a lot of brothers and sisters talking like 8 of them.

Lil described his childhood as living with his siblings under one roof as pretty chill considering the circumstances. During that time there was a lot of listening to rap artists such as Lil Baby and Lil Durk with his older brothers.

Growing up on the streets of Marietta, Lil likes to say that he always knew what was going on in his neighbourhood. But he wouldn’t actively get involved in hustling until he was around 13 or 14 years old. Kee was fortunate to have his older brothers to help him navigate the City streets. Before roughly 2019, Lil Kee never gave music much thought.

After losing his cousin back in Alabama, he made the decision that it was time to keep his relative’s name alive through music in order to commemorate him. His older brothers, who had previously taught him how to write lyrics, helped him in this endeavour. Freestyling at the moment was something Lil Kee always did more naturally.


At the age of 18, Lil Kee was prepared to start taking his aspirations of becoming a rapper seriously. One of his first singles, “Everywhere,” was put on a SoundCloud account that occasionally had other tunes already submitted to it. Later, Kee released the tune “Hear Me Out,” which was successful and has received close to 15 million SoundCloud streams.

Kee had released a number of music videos for brand-new songs including “Swing My Way,” “Sacrifice,” and “Judge Me” on YouTube after creating a mark on that site. Each of these music videos amassed viewership totals in the seven figures, and Lil Baby, a well-known rap singer, took notice of them.

Lil Baby didn’t take long to offer Lil Kee a seat on the 4PF Roaster label. Kee dropped some extra singles such as “By Myself,” and “Can’t Trust Myself.” Lamar, his older brother, was shot and died in his bed at that time. Lil still thinks of Lamar as his older sibling who taught him everything.

The following two years were then spent by Kee working on both his debut studio album and getting over Lamar’s passing. “Letter 2 My Brother” was the name of his passion project. Later, he also worked with 42 Dugg to release the singles “Catch A Mur#er” and “Fake S#t,” which quickly rose to the top of the charts.

Recently, Lil Kee and his new label Cheif Lil Baby worked together to release the hit song “What You Sayin,” which has become Lil Kee’s biggest hit to date and has received 3 million views in just two weeks.

Lil Kee Net Worth:

Lil Kee’s net worth is anticipated to be close to $1 million as of 2023. He has collaborated with some well-known figures in the music industry and is one of the nation’s up-and-coming rappers.

With the release of his hit singles Swing My Way, Sacrifice, Judge Me, By Myself, and What You Sayin by Lil Baby, Kee attracted a lot of attention. Additionally, the rapper has a YouTube channel where he posts his music videos and has more than 140k subscribers.

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