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Jodie Sweetin Net Worth: Jodie Sweetin is a Los Angeles, California-based American actress and television personality with a net worth of $2 million as of 2023. She gained notoriety in the entertainment business for her standout performance on the ABC sitcom Full House, where she played the part of Stephanie Tanner.

Following the popularity of the first series, Sweetin went on to star in the Netflix spinoff Fuller House. Aside from these films, she began receiving offers for some significant roles, made numerous television appearances, acted in indie films, and launched her own podcast. When Jodie Sweetin entered the 22nd season of the dance reality series Dancing with the Stars in 2016, she once more gained attention.

Sweetin portrayed Stephanie in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club in 1989, Lydia in Brotherly Love in 1996, Rhiannon in Party of Five in 1999, Leia in Singled Out in 2012, Drop the Mic in 2018 and The Talk in 2019 among other well-known series. Several examples are “Name That Tune, 2022,” “Beyond the Edge,” “Worst Cooks in America,” and “Vanessa in the movie Just Swipe,” among others.

Jodie Sweetin was also listed as the third-most-searched-for actress on Google in 2016, where she found herself.

In 2009, Sweetin published a memoir titled UnSweetined in which she wrote and discussed her descent into drug and alcohol addiction.

Net Worth 2023:

NameJodie Sweetin
Net Worth$2 Million
Age40 years old
Annual Salary$500,000
ProfessionActress, TV Personality
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Early Years:

On January 19, 1982, Jodie Lee-Ann Sweetin was born in Los Angeles, California. She was raised by her uncle Sam Sweetin for the majority of her youth while her parents were both in prison at the time. When Jodie Sweetin was born, her parents, Janice Sweetin and Sweetin, were both incarcerated.

She was only nine months old when her uncle Sam was adopted, but because her father is one-fourth Native American, the adoption wasn’t formalized until she was two years old. Jodie acquired a passion for dance as she grew up, and at the age of three, she started taking dance lessons and learning ballet and tap dancing.

Jodie received her education at Los Alamitos High School in California, from which she graduated in 1999. She first met American actor Matthew Morrison during that time she was in school, and she also had the chance to appear in various musical performances with him. She graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California, with a degree in liberal arts.


Jodie Sweetin began her acting career at the age of 5, performing in national advertisements and landing a few supporting roles on television programs. She began her acting career in the sitcom Valerie, where she played the recurring part of Pamela Poole. However, the cast opted to rename the show The Hogan Family instead of Valerie.

The pivotal moment in Sweetin’s career occurred that same year when director Jeff Franklin cast her in the well-known character of Stephanie Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House, in which she appeared from 1987 until 1995. Although the show was very well-liked and had high Nielson ratings, critics did not give it favorable reviews.

By the time the comedy series came to a close, Sweetin from Full House had developed an addiction to drugs and alcohol. She began delving deeper into her addictions and kept doing so for the subsequent 15 years. Before she ever started, her acting career was ended.

In 2006, Jodie made a comeback to the entertainment world by taking up hosting duties for Pants-Off Dance-Off on the Fuse network. She also acted in the comedy pilot Small Bits of Happiness, which was so well received that it took home the Independent Television Festival Award for Best Comedy in Los Angeles.

Jodie began acting in small films like Port City and Redefining Love once she gained some notoriety. She also joined the cast of the Can’t Get Arrested online series. She portrayed Leia in the TV movie Singled Out the very next year.

Jodie initially came to public notice as Stephanie Tanner in the Netflix spin-off series Full House, which ran for five seasons and finished in 2020. In 2015, she returned to the role. Jodie didn’t stop after her participation on the well-liked program; in 2017, she made appearances in further TV programs like the documentary comedy series Hollywood Darlings.

Then, in 2019, Jodie Sweetin co-founded the podcast Never Thought I’d Say This with her best friend Celia Behar. Celia is well recognized for being a licensed mental health consultant, in addition. Prior to this, Sweetin competed as a celebrity in the 22nd season of the dancing reality competition Dancing With the Stars in 2016, where she placed sixth.

Sweetin appeared on CBS’s Beyond the Edge and the sixth celebrity season of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America in 2022. She also appeared on That’s So’90s and the second season of Name That Tune on FOX.


Jodie Sweetin received five nominations for Outstanding Young Comedienne at the 1990 Young Artist Awards as a result of her work on the television series Full House. She was nominated for a TV Land Award in the category of Quintessential Non-Traditional Family in 2004. She has also received the Writers in Treatment Hope Award and Experience, Strength awards.

Jodie Sweetin has a net worth of $2 million, and it appears that she will rank among the richest actors in the nation in the years to come.

Private Life:

Jodie Sweetin started dating Los Angeles police officer Shaun Holguin when she was 20 years old, and the two were engaged soon after. Jodie struggled with her heroin addiction at that time, and she kept it a secret from Shaun. However, their union did not endure, and they separated in 2006.

Jodie and Cody Herpin met through a mutual friend in 2007 and soon after began dating. Cody Herpin is a film transport coordinator. Cody and Sweetin wed in Las Vegas in May of that year. In April of the following year, the couple gave birth to a daughter they called Zoie Laurelmae Herpin. At the end of 2008, Jodie began the divorce process. It was concluded at the beginning of 2010.

When she started dating Morty Coyle back in 2009, her divorce from Herpin had not yet been fully finalized. In 2010, Sweeting and Morty welcomed a daughter named Beatrix. The next year, the pair got married in a modest ceremony in Beverly Hills in March 2012. Jodie and Morty split up in June 2013.

Sweetin and Justin Hodak started dating in 2015, and they got engaged in the early months of 2016. March 2017 saw their breakup.

Jodie later developed feelings for Mescal Wasilewski, and the two made a public announcement of their engagement in 2022.

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth:

The predicted net worth of Jodie Sweetin in 2023 is $2 million. She became one of the most well-known actors in the nation at the age of four, when she made her acting debut in a Sizzler Restaurants’ hot dog commercial. She has since made countless national TV commercial appearances as well as in movies, television series, and brand endorsements.

Her work on movies and TV shows, where she has earned a sizable salary, is where she makes the majority of her money. She appeared in a number of ads for products like Oscar Meyer, Kooshlings, and Cheerios. It’s estimated that Jodie Sweetin makes $500k a year.

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People Also Ask FAQs

How much is Jodie Sweetin worth?

Currently, Jodie Sweetin has a net worth of $2 million.

How much money is made by Jodie Sweetin annually?

The yearly salary of Jodie Sweetin exceeds $500,000.

Jodie Sweetin’s age is how old?

Jodie Lee-Ann Sweetin, now 40, was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 19, 1982.

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