How To Stay Healthy With Medical Astrology?


As we all know during these pandemic situations the most struggling scenario is staying healthy. It has become a real hardship in today’s life. One might even try eating healthy food, getting a proper diet, taking care of sanitation, doing exercises or yoga, going on long walks or jogs, etc. But even then, sometimes none of these precautions and habits can overcome some of the hard and fast lifestyle diseases. Just for an instance, a person may get heart disease or asthma due to excessive pollution in the environment and also getting various skin diseases by harmful UV rays.

Therefore, living life in a healthy way might not be enough to prevent such lifestyle diseases. As we all know precautions are better than cures.

According to Famous Astrologer, Medical astrology might at least give some warnings or provide one with some ways to take precautions if one can know what diseases they might become exposed to. Getting to know about any health problem sooner can help in saving their health.

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology Is mainly a connection between the medical process and astrology. Many people believe in curing their diseases by astrology. It is the earliest medical process that engages various parts of the body and their illnesses with the astrological signs, giving one an advantage over diseases. Each of these signs along with the Sun, Moon, and other planets predicts the probability of having any diseases.

These signs help in predicting the various diseases, prevention, and cures. All the signs like Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, etc help in understanding which disease or body part a person needs to be aware of. Certain diseases can be diagnosed by the planets and signs.

The most common problems are: –

●       Heart problems

●       Skin diseases

●       Various types of cancers (breast, blood, abdomen etc)

●       Kidney problem

●       High Blood pressure

●       Lung diseases

Why Medical Astrology For Your Help?

Medical astrology isn’t like these modern world artificial treatments of diseases, it is completely natural and free of side effects. Also, it has been a part of Vedic astrology for ages. Ancient Rishis used medical astrology to deal with a lot of diseases like gynaecological disorders, depression and anxiety, menstrual disorders, ascites, mental aberration, hysteria, lung or kidney diseases, cancers, diabetes, etc. Medical astrology can also be used for surgery. And also even planning a perfect day and time for curing any disease. And in India, most people are into astrology. Also, they plan their surgeries, medications intake by their planet position.

Medical Astrology is a vast subject and also an ancient knowledge exhibited by some skilful astrologers.

Searching a Real Astrologer

Not every astrologer entitling himself as an astrologer is a real astrologer. You need to take care of the fraud and scams.

They are symbols that indicate the energies affecting the situation. So, there is no need to think that just because one influences Saturn, one will have all the diseases that fall under the planet. If you are keen to know more about medical astrology, feel free to get in touch with an astrologer. Try to find an astrologer near you and find the best astrologer that is famous and has good reviews.

An astrologer does not only need to be a famous astrologer but a genuine one too.

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Hence, there are many best astrologers to choose from. But the most important thing to keep in mind while you look for an Astrologer Near Me is that he /she should be guiding you like a well-wisher and should not be just starving for your money. He/she should help you in getting out of your worries instead of confusing you with all the deep concepts of astrology.

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