How to Reset Vizio TV Without Remote In 2022

You have lost your Vizio Television remote and need to reset the Television but do n’t know the right system? This post will give you the stylish approach to reset your Vizio Television without a regulator.

Generally, you reset your Vizio Television when it isn’t performing duly. Reset is of two kinds; a soft reset and a hard or plant reset.

The soft reset removes the temporary memory of your Television and doesn’t impact its setting and installed apps. But, a hard or plant reset deletes all the data and restores dereliction plant settings on your Television.

How to Reset Vizio TV Without Remote In 2022

So, following the reset, you’ll need to personalise all the settings along withre-installing the apps. We’ll explain you both ways to reset your Vizio Television.

How to Soft Reset Vizio Television without Remote

A soft reset is an ideal approach to attack colorful difficulties. Performing a soft reset is relatively easy. You can do it only in a nanosecond. All you need to do is;

Open the power cord of your Vizio Television from the power outlet or from the reverse of your Television.

Leave it unplugged for the whole 60 seconds.

Now, detect the power button on your Vizio Television set, it’s positioned either on the right side or on the reverse of the Television.

Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.

Plug in the power cord back and switch on the power force. This system can gormandize reset your Vizio Television without a regulator.

How to Hard/ Factory Reset Vizio Television without Remote

But, if it doesn’t work also you need to plant reset your Television. This is recommended as the last result to cure all the software difficulties similar as slow response, audio- videotape deformation, connectivity problems, or malware.

Since you don’t have your Vizio Television remote, you’ll execute the plant reset through the physical buttons on your Television set.

Generally, all Vizio TVs have 4 or 5 buttons deposited on the right side, top, or rare. Detect these buttons and follow the way indicated below;

Turn on your Vizio Television. Press and hold the “ Volume Down” and “ Input” buttons at the same time.

Release the buttons when your Television screen displays a dialogue box.

When the Television screen says, “ Reset to dereliction”, hold the‘Input’ button for 10 seconds.

Next, the Television screen will say, “ Memory is being cleared”. Stay for the reset process to complete and after that reboot your Television.

How to Reset Your Vizio TV Using Your Smartphone

In case, the physical buttons on your Television aren’t working or you’re unfit to reset the Television using these buttons, you can use your smartphone to reset the Television.

Yes, you read right, it’s possible to turn your smartphone into a Television remote, assuming that your smartphone has an IR detector in it.

Numerous smartphones contain an IR detector that acts just like the genuine remote. You simply need to install a universal remote control app on your phone and also reset your Television with it.

Another prerequisite is that your Television and smartphone should be linked to the same Wifi network. Follow these recommendations;

On your smartphone, go to the play store and search the “ Mi remote regulator” app.

Install the app and start it, couple it with your Vizio Television by following the on- screen prompts.

Next, open your Television’s menu by tapping the digital button in the app. This will display you a lot of options and settings.

Choose “ System” and also “ Reset and Admin” from the settings.

Next, choose the option “ Reset TV to Factory Defaults”. Enter the leg if needed and do through the process.

This will take a many moments to restore plant settings on your Television.

It may automatically renew further than formerly. You have to retain case and repel turning off your Television or hitting any button.

How to Reset Your Vizio TV Using SmartCast App

There’s the rearmost generation of Vizio TV-the SmartCast Television. This Television is a fantastic choice for a home theatre experience. Because it offers a lot of streaming druthers along with other clever and innovative features.

The Vizio SmartCast TV is supported by the Vizio SmartCast Android and iOS app. You may reset your Television with this app.

Just download and install the SmartCast app on your smartphone.

Brace it with your Vizio SmartCast TV through Wifi.

Open the app and find the settings> system> reset and admin.

Navigate to the “ restore Television to dereliction plant settings”. Do further to complete the reset process.

The rest of the approach is the same as with the Mi remote app.

Final Words

So, this composition has told you 4 ways to reset your Vizio Television without a remote. All these styles are tested and vindicated. You can soft reset or plant reset your Television by following this composition.

A plant reset can be performed three ways; through the physical buttons, Mi remote app, or SmartCast app. While soft reset can be done by power cycling your Television.

We’ve told you all the possible ways to reset your Vizio Television without a remote. You can choose either one depending on your particular choice and convenience.

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