How to Reset Sonos Subwoofer

Sonos just came out with a very cool subwoofer. It is a wireless subwoofer from the third generation. It looks very nice with its shiny black body. The Sonos Sub weighs a lot. But it has fantastically deep bass.

Sometimes, the device may not work as it should. So, the subwoofer might need to be reset. The reset process is quite simple and quick. In this article, you’ll learn how to reset your Sonos subwoofer.

How to Reset Sonos Subwoofer

Reseting Sonos Subwoofer

In two easy steps, you can reset your Sonos subwoofer:

Step 1

First, take the power supply out of the wall. There are two ways to do it. The first thing you can do is unplug the subwoofer from the power source. It is at the bottom of the subwoofer.

The other option is to turn off the power by pulling the cord out of the wall outlet. Be careful when you pull the plug. Because if you’re not careful, your beautiful Sonos subwoofer could get scratched.

Step 2

There is a real button on the side of the Sonos sub. Both the first and second generations of Sonos subwoofers have a square button with two arrows on it. The third-generation Sonos sub has a button in the shape of a circle with an infinity symbol on it.

After you turn off the power, wait a few minutes.

Now, press and hold this button, and plug the power cord back in at the same time. The light will be white and blink. When the light turns red, let go of the button.

Now, your Sonos sub is back to the way it was when it was made. When the green light blinks, the process of resetting is done. You can configure your device now.

When and why does your Sonos subwoofer need to be reset?

When your Sonos sub doesn’t work right, you usually need to reset it. By resetting the device, you can fix a number of problems with how it works and how it connects to other things. For example, if your Sonos sub can’t connect, isn’t making sound, keeps disconnecting, has software bugs, or any other problem, you should contact Sonos. Resetting the device makes it work better.

Also, if you want to sell your Sonos sub to someone else, you need to reset it first. When you reset, all of the stored data, including the accounts you’ve added, will be erased. So, the buyer won’t be able to use your information or accounts.

If you bought a used Sonos subwoofer, you will need to reset it before you can connect it to your other devices. Because it might have software bugs that could make your devices malfunction. So, putting the Sonos subwoofer back to factory settings will make it work just like it did when it was first made.

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