How To Reset JBL Bluetooth Headphones

You can get a great listening experience with JBL wireless headphones. There are also JBL headsets and headphones that block out noise. These headphones are getting some new parts.

For instance, the newest headphones have voice assistants and a lot of other features. But the extra things can also make things worse.

The headphones can get bugs in their software, which makes them not work right. Your JBL headphones can be fixed by turning them off and on again.

Because a factory reset makes your device start over like it’s brand new. It forgets all the settings and devices that you paired with it.

How To Reset JBL Bluetooth Headphones

So, this article will tell you how to reset your JBL headphones in the best way. This simple method can be used to reset almost all JBL headphones.

Turn Your JBL Headphones Back On

The process of resetting is quick and easy. First, you need to find where the physical buttons are on your JBL headphones.

Most of the controls, like the power button and volume up/down buttons, are on the left earcup, but some models may have them on the right earcup. Here are the steps you need to take to reset your JBL headphones;

Hold down the “Power” button on your JBL headphones until they make a sound to confirm. The device will start up again on its own. If it doesn’t work, do the same steps again.

Now, press and hold both the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons at the same time. When it makes a confirmation sound, let go. This means your headphones are starting up again.

You can try either of these two ways to reset the device. When the process is done, the LED indicator will light up in two colours.

Why Should I Reset My JBL Headphones?

When your JBL headphones don’t work right, you can reset them. For example, you can’t charge, turn on, or turn off the headphones.

They may cause problems when connecting to other devices, cutting off the sound, or not connecting at all. All of these issues can be fixed by putting your JBL headphones back to factory settings.

We hope this will help you reset your JBL Bluetooth headphones completely. Let us know if you still have trouble resetting or if you have any other problems with it.

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