How To Connect Sony Headphones To iPhone In 2022

Sony headphones are Bluetooth-enabled and can be used with any Bluetooth device. The procedure for connecting your Sony headphones to your iPhone is described in this post.

“There are several models of Sony headphones. However, all Sony headphones use the same Bluetooth connection mechanism. iPhones, too, come in a variety of models.

How To Connect Sony Headphones To iPhone

However, you may use the same way to Connect Sony Headphones to iPhone.

Consider the Following Points

Bluetooth allows you to connect your Sony headphones to your iPhone. You should think about a few things before creating this link.

  • Make sure your iPhone and Sony headphones are in close proximity to one another, ideally within 3 feet.
  • Your headphones’ battery should be completely charged.
  • Similarly, your iPhone’s battery needs to be charged.
  • If your headphones don’t appear in the list, try restarting them.

Connect Sony Headphones to iPhone

Please describe how you connected your Sony headphones to your iPhone.

  1. First and foremost, you must activate your headphones.
  2. To turn on the headphones, press and hold the power button until the LED light blinks red.
  3. Hold the button down for a few seconds longer until the LED alternately blinks red and blue and a pairing tone is heard. This means that the Bluetooth pairing mode is active.
  4. Now go to your iPhone’s Settings and select ‘Bluetooth.’
  5. Turn on Bluetooth and let your iPhone search for nearby devices.
  6. Your Sony headphones will appear on the list in a few moments.
  7. On your iPhone’s screen, tap the name of your headphones.
  8. Both devices will pair successfully after a few moments.
  9. Some iPhones require a pin/passcode/password to pair with headphones. “0000” is the default pin.

Both devices will remember each other once they have been linked. When you turn on your Sony headphones, they will connect to your iPhone immediately (if Bluetooth is turned on).

Final Thoughts

You can also use a wire to connect your Sony headphones. The Sony headphones come with an audio cord that may be used to connect to an iPhone.

Simply connect the audio jacks on both devices with the cable. However, Bluetooth pairing is the best way to connect your headphones to your iPhone.

You may connect your Sony headphones to your iPhone by following this tutorial.

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