How To Connect Sonos To An iPhone, 3 Methods

There are different kinds of Sonos speakers and soundbars. Soundbars are heavy, so you can’t take them with you. Bluetooth doesn’t work with a lot of Sonos products. So, you can connect them to your iPhone in other ways.

But the Sonos Move and Sonos Roam are Bluetooth speakers that you can take with you. You can use Bluetooth to link them to your iPhone. The Sonos app or AirPlay can be used to connect speakers that aren’t portable.

How To Connect Sonos To An iPhone

Note that AirPlay won’t work on the Sonos speakers that are being used as surround speakers. Also, you can’t listen to music on Sonos while talking on your iPhone.

Join using AirPlay

If you have a Sonos speaker or soundbar that doesn’t work with Bluetooth, you can connect it to your iPhone with AirPlay. iPad and Mac computers can also use AirPlay. It lets you use your iPhone to play music right on your Sonos.

Sonos can play music from either AirPlay 1 or AirPlay 2. But on AirPlay 1, there are breaks in the sound. Almost all of the Sonos devices that can play music work with Apple’s AirPlay.

To connect your Sonos to your iPhone, just follow these steps.

Swipe down from the top right of your iPhone.

Open your iPhone’s “Control Center.”

To find the audio card, tap the top right corner of the screen.

Click the “AirPlay” icon next.

Add your Sonos speaker or soundbar.

Now, you can use your iPhone to play music on the Sonos.

You can add more than one Sonos product as well. All of the devices you connect will play the music on your iPhone.

If you have downloaded the Apple Music app to your iPhone, you can use it to play audio from AirPlay. All you have to do is connect your Sonos to the app. Start the app, click on the “AirPlay” icon, and then choose your Sonos here.

Hook up using the Sonos app

Anyone with an iOS or Android device can get the Sonos app for free. Just put it on your gadget. It lets you manage all of the Sonos devices in your home. This app can also be used to play music from your iPhone on Sonos speakers.

Please follow the rules below;

Go to your iPhone’s app store.

Get the Sonos app and put it on your device.

Connect your iPhone to the same Wifi network that your Sonos is connected to.

Plug in and turn on your Sonos.

Open the Sonos app and run it. Set up the app by following the steps on the screen.

Go to the list of rooms and add your iPhone.

Now, you can play the music files on your iPhone on your Sonos. Music from other streaming services and playlists can also be played. iTunes and Internet Radio come to mind. You can also make an account and sign in to services like Pandora and Spotify that let you stream music online.

Link using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is built into Sonos speakers that can be taken with you. They are very easy to connect to your iPhone. But connect your Sonos to the Sonos app on your iPhone before pairing. Some features, such as grouping, voice assistants, Trueplay, and stereo pairing, can’t be used with Bluetooth pairing.

Let’s talk about how to use Bluetooth to connect Sonos Move and Sonos Roam to your iPhone.

Connect your iPhone to Sonos Move

Sonos Move has a button on the back for Bluetooth. To turn on Bluetooth, press this button.

The device will make a sound, and the blue LED will light up.

Now, press and keep holding the Bluetooth button until the Move beeps and the blue light blinks.

Next, go to your iPhone’s Settings. Turn on the Bluetooth and look for the devices that are nearby.

The Sonos Move will be on the list of devices. Connect it to your iPhone.

If the pairing works, the LED light on the Move will stay solid blue.

Connect your iPhone to Sonos Roam

There is a different way to pair Sonos Roam. It doesn’t have a Bluetooth button; to pair with a Bluetooth device, you have to use the power button. But, like the Move, the Roam needs to be set up with the Sonos app.

Now, you can pair your Sonos Roam with your iPhone by following these steps.

Put your Sonos Roam to work. The button to turn the speaker on and off is on the back of it.

Hold down the power button for just 2 seconds. When the device beeps and the blue LED flashes, you can let go.

Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone. Look for the devices that you can use and choose Sonos Roam.

In a few seconds, the two devices will connect. A solid blue LED and a certain tone from the Sonos Roam show that the pairing worked.

Last Words

This article talked about three ways to link Sonos to an iPhone. Depending on what type of Sonos you have, you can use either. All of these ways have been tested. The devices don’t always work together. If this happens, make sure that your Sonos is turned on. Start up or turn on both devices again. With these tips, the problem will be solved.

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