How To Connect Drone To Controller in 2022

In this guide, you will learn how to connect your drone to a controller in a simple way. There must be a connection between the drone and its controller in order to run the drone.

Some drones only come with a controller and don’t have apps for your phone. Those that can be controlled by an app can’t.

Even though there is an app, you still need to connect your drone to the controller for easy control. In the market, there are many different types of drones.

How To Connect Drone To Controller in 2022
How To Connect Drone To Controller in 2022

However, the method of connecting is the same. Easy and quick: So, let’s learn together.

We show you how to connect your drone and controller.

It is possible to connect the drone to the controller in two different ways. One way is to use a mobile app, and the other way is to connect both devices by hand.

In this case, it depends on what kind of drone you have whether or not it works with a mobile app or not. Both of them are explained here.

This is the first way to get a mobile app

Take a look at your drone’s user guide and download the app for it on your phone. Finish setting up the computer by following the on-screen prompts to finish the process.

The remote control and the drone need to be turned on for them to work. There will be a red light on the remote control and the drone will start to blink yellow.

Now, open the app and choose “Enter the device.”

Next, click on “Enter camera view.” On your phone’s screen, there will be an icon that says “remote.”

Make sure that you choose “linking remote controller” and then click the “Okay” button to do it.

Beeps will go off on the remote controller to let you know that it is ready to connect with your phone.

Hold the “Link” button on your drone now. After three seconds, or when you hear a beep sound, you can let go of the button.

On both the drone and its remote, there should be an LED light that is completely green at all times.

Your phone screen will say “OK.” The connection is working, so fly your drone to see if it works.

This is the second way to connect

It’s time to turn on your drone and press its “Function” or “Link” button for three seconds, then let go of it. Let go of the button when the drone’s front LED lights up red.

When you’re ready, grab your remote control. Make sure you press the Pause button, then the Function button, and then the Customizable button at the same time.

For a few seconds, hold down all three buttons. When the controller makes a beep sound, you can let go of them.

The two devices will start to connect. In this case, the beep will stop and the LED light will turn solid green when the connection is done.

The functions of the remote control for a drone can be found here.

A remote control for a drone has to know a lot of specific words to work. It is time to learn about the drone controller’s four most important functions;

There is a “roll” button that lets you roll your drone in the air.

This is when the drone moves forward or backward.

Yaw: This lets you rotate the drone in either direction. Using this feature, you can make patterns in the air.

This is the part of your drone that controls how fast it moves. If you cut back on the electricity, you can move it faster or slower.

How to Use a Drone Controller

Getting used to your drone controller is important. It takes a little practise to be able to use the drone well.

It has the following parts and functions that make it work and control itself:

You can use the right stick to change your drone’s pitch and roll. It lets you move the drone to the left/right and back/forth.

Use the left stick to control the yaw, height, and rotation of your drone.

Trim Buttons: These buttons are used to keep your drone in the air and stay level. Use it when the drone is flying in the wrong direction so that you can trim it.

The last words

On your drone remote controller, there may be other buttons that you don’t know about yet. In the user guide, you can read about more things that happen. We hope you found it useful.

Here, you learned two ways to connect your drone to the controller. Stay in touch with us to learn more about the newest technology.