How to Connect Bose Earbuds to Any Device

If you know how to connect Bose earbuds to Bluetooth devices, you can connect them to many different devices. All the information you need is in this article. It will show you how to connect your Bose earbuds with a cell phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

Bose has made a lot of different types and models of earbuds. Some of Bose’s best wireless earbuds are QuietComfort and SoundSport, which come in a variety of colours and sizes.

How to Connect Bose Earbuds to Any Device
How to Connect Bose Earbuds to Any Device

The way each model is connected is a little different. There are a lot of different models, but we’ll tell you which one is best for each one.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds: How to connect them to your phone

First, you need to turn on Bluetooth mode. Then, you can connect your QuietComfort earbuds to a Bluetooth device. Make sure you know how to do this before you connect your earbuds to any device.

Before you do anything else, make sure your Bose earbuds are turned on In order to charge your phone, you must press the power button on the front of its charging case with your fingertip.

It’s now time to open up your charging case. The earbuds will start to charge. Their status light will start to light up.

You should be able to find the Bluetooth button on the charging case of your Bose QuietComfort earbuds.

Make sure the headphones are in the case. Then, press and hold the Bluetooth button for a few seconds.

Release the button when the voice prompt says “Welcome,” and the status light turns blue.

Now, other Bluetooth devices can find your earbuds and connect to them.

Make sure they work again when you connect them to another device by setting them back up. In this case, it will remove all of the Bluetooth devices from the list. Then, the earbuds will connect to a new Bluetooth device.

This is how to do a reset on a BOSE QuietComfort:

Plug the charging case into a power source, then put the earbuds in the case and close it up again.

Make sure the case is closed. After 5 seconds, open the lid.

Now, in the charging case, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 30 seconds, then let go of it.

In this case, press and hold the button until all the LED lights on both of the earbuds blink, flash white, and turn blue.

You should remove and forget your QuietComfort earbuds from the device to which they had been connected.

Just open the Bluetooth menu and click on the name of your earbuds. Then, tap “forget/disconnect” to remove it from the phone.

Bose SounSport Earbuds: How do I connect them to each other?

The Bose SoundSport earbuds also come with a charging case that can be used to keep them charged. Besides, there isn’t a Bluetooth button inside of it at all. You can connect them this way:

It’s time to open the lid of the charging case. Take out your earbuds and put them back in.

As soon as you take them out of the case, they turn on.

The status lights on both earbuds will be white when they are turned on.

After about 5 seconds, the status light starts to glow blue. There are Bluetooth devices that can connect to your earbuds when they are in pairing mode.

If you want to get rid of the pairing list on your SoundSport earbuds, follow the steps in this guide.

In their case, put both of the earbuds in.

It’s now time to connect the charging case to a working power source through a USB charger.

Remove the charger from the case after five seconds. Leave it for 60 seconds.

Now, take the earbuds out of the charging case. They are now set back up.

If they are connected to a computer, take them off of it as well!

After you finish the process, you can connect them to a Bluetooth device that you don’t already have.

Pro Tips on How to Connect Your Bose Earbuds to Your Phone

If you want to put your Bose earbuds into Bluetooth pairing mode, we’ve told you how to do it, so now you know how.

Now, you can connect them to Bluetooth devices in less than five minutes. But, you should think about some important things.

When you want to connect your earbuds, move them closer to the Bluetooth device to which you want to connect them. A good rule of thumb is to keep their maximum within 30 feet.

They should be fully charged before they can be used with any device. Using the lights on the front, you can see how much battery power there is.

Before you connect your earbuds to a new Bluetooth device, you should reset them.

Make sure that your earbuds have not already been connected to a Bluetooth device and that they are not already connected to another Bluetooth device. Otherwise, you can’t link them.

Sometimes, you can’t connect your earbuds to your device; they can’t be found by your device, or they disconnect a lot.

In this case, you should reset your earbuds to factory settings and also restart your phone. Remove them from the Bluetooth list and then pair them again.

The Bluetooth pairing mode on your Bose earbuds should be turned on as soon as possible. Do not put off the connection process. If you don’t use the pairing mode for 5 minutes, it will turn off.

First, connect your Bose Earbuds to your iPhone. Then, you can listen to music.

You can open “Settings” on your iPhone by clicking the gear icon on the upper right corner.

You’ll then choose “Bluetooth.” Turn the switch to “ON.”

It will start looking for Bluetooth devices in the area.

The name of your Bose earbuds will show up on your iPhone screen. Be very careful when you tap the name.

Soon, your headphones will connect to your iPhone. You can play some audio files on your iPhone to see if this is true.

Plug in your Bose Earbuds to Android.

It’s on your Android phone or tablet. Go to the “Settings” menu. When you hold the icon from the dropdown menu, you can also get to the Bluetooth menu.

Choose “Bluetooth” and then turn it on.

You will see a list of Bluetooth devices that have been paired with each other, as well as other Bluetooth devices that are nearby.

Your Bose headphones will connect to each other when you touch their names.

Once both devices are connected, they will let you know.

In this step, connect your Bose Earbuds to your Mac.

It’s on the top left corner of your Mac screen. You can tap it.

To choose from the list, click on “System Preferences.”

When you’re done with Bluetooth, choose it and turn it on.

Soon, your Mac screen will show you a list of nearby devices that are free.

Tap your Bose earbuds and then click “Connect.” Then you can listen to your music.

It will take a few seconds for both devices to connect and for notifications to appear.

Bose’s ear buds can be forgotten with the same steps.

Connect your Bose Earbuds to your PC. This is the last step.

Make sure you press the “Start” button on the bottom left of your PC.

Then, click the gear icon to go to the setting.

Make sure you choose “Devices” and then “Bluetooth and other Devices.”

Turn on Bluetooth. Then, click on the “Add a Bluetooth device” option and type in the name of the device.

When your Bose earbuds show up in the list of available devices, you can tap the name of your earbuds to get to them.

The search box at the bottom left corner of your PC can help if you can’t find the Bluetooth menu.

If you have an older computer, it may not have Bluetooth built in. If you want to use Bluetooth, you’ll need a Bluetooth adapter.

Plug it into one of your PC’s HDMI ports, and a Bluetooth icon will show up on the screen.

Take a look at this icon and follow the instructions on the screen to connect your Bose earbuds to your computer.

The last words

It’s also possible to connect your Bose earbuds to your Bluetooth device with the Bose Connect App. Bluetooth is another way you can connect them.

Make sure your iPhone or Android phone has this app on it. Then, allow the app to connect with your account. However, you need to check to see if your Bose earbuds work with the Connect App or not.

Bose earbuds can be linked up with different Bluetooth devices by reading this article, so now you know how to do it! Our site is a good place to find out more about your audio devices.