How to Connect 2 Monitors To 1 Computer With One VGA Port

This article will teach you how to connect 2 monitors to 1 computer with one VGA port. Most computers come with only one VGA port.

Therefore, it seems difficult to connect to the screens with it. You can have basic desktop information on both screens or you can view different content on both screens.

How to Connect 2 Monitors To 1 Computer With One VGA Port
How to Connect 2 Monitors To 1 Computer With One VGA Port

There are different ways to make this dual connection. We will explain both. You can choose either of them as per your budget and convenience.

Method 1: VGA splitter

A quick and cheap way to buy a VGA splitter. This will allow you to connect two monitors to your computer that has only one VGA port.

You can set up the system through the following steps;

  • Turn off the computer and unplug it from the power source.
  • Disconnect the monitor from its VGA port.
  • Now, take a VGA splitter with two ports and dual VGA cables.
  • Insert the female connector of the two VGA cables into the splitter.
  • Next, plug the two male connectors of the VGA cables into the two monitors.
  • Insert the single VGA port cable into the VGA port on your computer.
  • The VGA splitter also has a USB cable that you need to plug into your computer’s USB port.
  • Turn on your computer and both monitors.

Method 2: KVM Key

A KVM switch is another option for connecting two monitors to your computer that has a single VGA port. This device is widely used by officials.

Because it allows you to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, mouse and video monitor. This switch acts as a linking device between the computer and the monitors.
You can even connect more than two monitors. The connection process is as follows;

  • Turn off your computer and both monitors, and unplug them from the power source.
  • Plug the KVM switch into a wall outlet using the power adapter.
  • Take two DisplayPort cables. Connect each cable to each monitor and connect its other ends to the ports on the KVM switch.
  • Connect the KVM switch cable to the VGA port on your computer.
  • Turn on all devices and setup is complete.

Method 3: Video Card

Since your computer has a primary video card, it only has one VGA port. The number of VGA ports can be increased by changing the video card.
Replace it with one that has multiple VGA connections. However, this method is expensive and time consuming. Because the video card is a hardware component.
So, you need experience to change it or consult a specialist. One of the great advantages of this video card is that it does not cause any loss and guarantees high definition videos.

Method 4: USB to VGA Converter

This is also a good option for connecting two monitors to one computer with only one VGA port. All you have to do is buy a USB to VGA adapter.

It should be available in your nearby online store. However, you need to choose a converter that can support extended desktop functionality.
It will allow you to extend your desktop to another screen. Moreover, you can drag the windows to rearrange them.

This converter comes with software that provides you with multiple customization options. You can rotate and change the resolution of each screen.

Configure two monitors on one computer

Once you have successfully connected two monitors to one computer, you will need to configure them. This process is as follows;

  • Open the “Start” menu on your computer by pressing the “Window” icon at the bottom left or clicking the “Window” key.
  • Next, click on the Settings tab and then choose Personalization.
  • Go to the “Set screen resolution” option. You can configure your screens here.
  • Now, click on the Detect option to set two monitors labeled #1 and #2.
  • Choose “Multiple Monitors” and then “Expand Displays”. This function will extend the width of your original screen.
  • You will see the screens of both monitors on the desktop. You can modify it by dragging.
  • In case you want to mirror both screens, enable the “Duplicate display” option.
  • Also check the resolution and orientation of both screens.

Important to note

It is very easy to connect two monitors to one computer with one VGA port. However, you should be aware of the drawbacks of this connection.

The color quality of the monitors is reduced. Moreover, the signal transmission also becomes weaker when connected via a VGA splitter.
This affects your gaming performance by slowing down. Moreover, the resolution and frame rate of both monitors are affected if the graphic card is weak.

Another drawback is that the bandwidth of the VGA ports causes a limitation. VGA is an analog connection that is not ideal for longer distances.

Therefore, if you own modern high-resolution screens, the splitter limits their efficiency. Thus, you cannot enjoy the full capabilities of your devices.

The solution is to replace your computer’s video card with one that has multiple ports. This method is expensive, but it is a permanent and reliable solution.