How To Charge MacBook Without Charger-3 Ways

I’ll show you how to charge your MacBook without a charger in this article. Do not worry if you have misplaced or broken your MacBook charger.

You forget to bring the charger with you sometimes. In this case, you’ll need to find a different way to hack your MacBook to charge it.

How To Charge MacBook Without Charger-3 Ways

You can actually charge it in other ways. In this guide, I’ll talk about three different ways to do things.

First, a USB converter

You can charge your MacBook through a PC, which is good news. You just need a converter that can change USB 3.0 to USB Type-C. The MacBook can then be charged straight from your PC.

If you have a PC, you can charge your MacBook with a converter cable. This is how it works;

Plug the USB cable into your computer.

Plug the cable’s USB-C end into the right port on your Mac, and you’re done.

Soon, the charge will start going to your MacBook. It works the same way as charging a phone through a PC.

Method 2: Use a USB Type C

You can also charge your MacBook with a USB Type-C cord. The phone can also be charged with a Type-C charger. The cable that came with your iPhone or other Apple device can be used.

Pull the cord out of the adapter. One end goes into the USB port on your MacBook, and the other goes into a wall outlet.

But there is one thing wrong with this method. The process of charging is slow because the charger puts out less power. But if you are in trouble, this trick will work.

Remember that you shouldn’t always charge your MacBook this way, because it can hurt it. When you use a phone charger on a laptop, it doesn’t work right.

Method 3: Power Bank

You can also use a power bank to charge the MacBook. Most of the time, a power bank is made to charge a smartphone.

But you can also charge your MacBook with a powerful power bank. At least USB 3.0 should work with it.

It works just like charging from a PC. For charging to work, you need a cable to change USB 3.0 to USB Type-C.

Some Important Notes

Please keep in mind that using a charger that doesn’t work with your MacBook can hurt it. When you use a different charger, the charging speed is slow and the process takes longer.

The battery will get weaker. So, you shouldn’t use these methods for a long time. Instead, buy a charger as soon as you can for your MacBook.

Always use a charger that is made by Apple and works with your MacBook. Another idea is to change some settings on your Mac to save the remaining battery power.

How to Keep the Battery in a MacBook

If you don’t want to try a different way to charge, you can use some tricks to keep the battery from dying. Do these things and use these settings;

Reduce the brightness of the screen as much as possible. Turn off the auto-brightness feature as well.

Turn off your keyboard’s backlights to keep the battery from running down too quickly.

Turn off the backlights on your keyboard to save energy. Also, turn off Bluetooth, the internet, and any other services you’re not using.

Also, press the Command+Q buttons to close all the programmes you don’t need.

Disconnect things like a keyboard, mouse, speaker, microphone, and so on. This will keep your Mac from running out of power for now.

Last Words

I hope you like my effort. I always try to bring you tips and tricks that are easy and simple to use with your technology.

This guide showed you three easy ways to charge your MacBook when you don’t have the charger. Stay in touch to read more articles with useful information.

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