Drone Not Taking Off |Full Guide 2022|

Flying a drone is a rewarding experience. However, you cannot get started if the drone fails to take off. There are many reasons why a drone may not take flight and they can be explained in great detail with images of the issues and explanations of how to troubleshoot any problems that have been found by your technician/drone manufacturer.

Drone Not Taking Off Again, there are more intrusive issues such as some sort of motor rot or damage that one would need to look into such as buying new motors for an existing model versus repairing existing ones which can involve very complicated processes for someone without experience if one wishes to repair them.

Drone Not Taking Off Full Guide
Drone Not Taking Off Full Guide

1. Check the Blades

Taking a drone out for a spin is a rather amazing experience. You’ll get to see new things up in the air that you might not necessarily get to see at ground level. The drone taking off, however, is when everything becomes fantastical. 

It’s where you get to actually soar away and take in the sights of your surroundings while also taking awesome photos! However, what happens if this moment never comes? Is there something that could be done about it? What happens if your drone just will not take off as planned?

2. Swap the Blades

If the blades on your drone aren’t fitting correctly, this could be the problem! Let’s test your propellers by lifting off your UAV from a flat surface. Carefully observe — which side stays on the ground? This may mean that one of your propellers isn’t facing in the right direction/making contact with your drone. 

To fix this issue, we recommend swapping out that particular blade with the other identical one (so they both face the same way) and try again! Be sure you tighten whatever bolt is holding these to your motor correctly or else it might cause further damage.

3. Warm-Up Properly

It is great to observe the information provided by the LED indicators and communicative messages when it comes down to diagnosing why your drone might not seem ready to fly yet. Make sure you let your drone warm up for a few more seconds if it seems like it has already been on for a while. You may want to wait patiently for 3-5 minutes if you’re flying your drone in cold weather conditions because they will take just a little bit more time than normal.

4. Check the Power

Another reason your drone may be having trouble taking off is if the power to your drone, remote or both are weak or low. Try making sure the device is powered on and plugged in using an adapter that is compatible with it. Let it charge for atleast 30 minutes. 

This will give you enough time to check everything else first before trying again. We also recommend that you do not use a phone charger as its voltage might not match up completely which can make things unreliable and too complicated. Try using an adapter that’s recommended by the manufacturer of the device instead just to be on the safe side!

5. Expired Batteries

If your drone hasn’t taken off, then there are two options (besides making sure you haven’t been drinking too much beer!) The first is that the batteries in your drone might have run out of charge. Usually this happens because older drones have to have their batteries replaced either because they cost too much or they just can no longer hold as much charge. 

You can get them (or a refurbished version) from the manufacturer or else make sure you buy some new versions from somewhere reputable. For example Amazon.com stocks quite a few and it’s also where I purchased my last lot from.


Hopefully our article will prove its worth for you. We have explained everything in detail. You should apply all the solutions mentioned here . In case they do not fix your drone, contact a professional or the manufacturer. 

But finding another cause for why your drone is not responding means there is an internal problem and that you should send it to the repairman with no delay.