How to Fix Car Charger Not Working

It’s important to charge your phone often during a long trip. There is a lot of stress when your car charger does not work, and it really bothers you.

As a safety measure, you should check your car charger before you start your trip. Because it is very important to keep your phone working.

Besides that, the car charger can also be used to charge other things, such as cameras and recorders, game consoles, and tablets. As long as your car has an outlet in it, you don’t need a power bank.

However, it can sometimes not work. The charger or the car itself could be to blame for this. So, we need to figure out what’s wrong.

How to Fix Car Charger Not Working
How to Fix Car Charger Not Working

Then, we’ll use some quick troubleshooting tricks that work well for this problem.

In order for a car charger to work, it needs to be plugged in.

There are a lot of different ways that car chargers work. Let’s get a sense of how they work. Electrochemical energy from your car battery is sent to a car charger.

Energy moves from a battery with a higher voltage to a battery with a lower voltage as part of the process.

The smaller battery stores the energy so that it can be used any time. There are USB ports on this small charger.

Hacks for fixing a car charger that doesn’t work:

Because your car charger doesn’t have enough power, it won’t work. Other causes include a bad cable, a bad device, and a blown fuse. Try these hacks out and see if they work.

Make sure your car has a charger.

Most cars have USB ports. But that doesn’t mean they can charge your phones or tablets. The USB ports are built in so that you can move data, install software, or play music.

So, you need to make sure that the USB port in your car can be used to charge things. Check your car’s manual to learn this.

If you have checked to see if your car has a charger and it still doesn’t work, the problem may be with the wires. There is a big difference between a charging cable and a data cable.

It has one and four terminals for charging and two and three terminals for data.

So, they can’t be taken. In simple terms, you should use the charger that came with your phone to charge it.

Check to see if your computer and tablet work together.

This could happen because your phone and car charger don’t work together. If your car’s infotainment system doesn’t recognise your phone, it won’t be able to charge either.

Because most of the USB ports in your car are connected to your car’s infotainment system, you don’t have to worry about them. Make sure that your car’s infotainment system can see and use your phone.

The same thing happens if you use a data cable to charge your phone. Make sure you always use the cable and adapter that came with your phone.

Turn on your car.

Most of the time, a car charger works when you start up the car, but not always. Batteries start working and start giving off energy.

There is a chance that you are trying to charge your phone while the engine is off. The electric outlet switch should be turned on if your car is in the start mode.

Make Sure There Is Enough Power.

Another reason is that there is not enough power. If the car charger and batteries don’t connect well, they may not be getting enough power. So, your phone doesn’t get enough power.

Power, cables, and voltage should all be checked. If the cable or other part is broken, you should get a new one.

Keep your car clean:

Always keep your car clean and tidy. Clean the area around the cigarette lighter with a clean cloth for now. Dirt can get in the way of the ports where things connect.

The USB ports on your car charger need to be wiped down to make them work better. Make sure the charger is firmly in place in the port before you start. Even clean the charging port of your phone, as well, because it can get dirty. Test again and see if it works.

Change the Fuse.

If your car charger doesn’t work, one or more of the fuses have blown and need to be replaced. If you want to check, you can connect a different device to your car charger and see if it works

Find the fuse box in your car. Cig Light or AUX Power is on the fuse. It’s time to change this fuse to fix the problem

Check Your Phone.

If your phone is having problems, that could be the cause. Try charging a different phone with your car charger and see if it works. The cell phone should be checked out if it works.

Restart and restart the phone, then charge it again. Check the charging port to see if it’s been broken. Another way to charge your phone is to plug it into a power outlet or another car.

The last words

This is all about how to fix your car charger. We hope that the tips in this guide will help you a lot.

Whenever your car charger has trouble, you can try these things first. If the problem doesn’t go away, call a technician or contact the company.

To avoid problems in the future, always buy a good car charger. Also, make sure it works with your devices.

Remember to tell us which tricks worked best when you tried to fix your car charger.