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Big Boss Vette

Big Boss Vette Net Worth: As of 2023, Big Boss Vette, an American rapper, had a net worth of $1 million USD. She is the force that hip-hop needs right now—bright, direct, and audacious. This St. Louis native is dominating the rap scene and grabbing everyone’s attention as a result of some blunt phrases, a distinct style, a ratchet feel, and a sparkling flow.

This talented young woman caught the attention of several labels after gaining over 30 million streams and going viral on social media, especially on TikTok, with her hit single “Outside.” She ultimately signed a deal with Republic Records to transition from a social media freestyler to a significant influence in the music industry.

Big Boss Vette became one of the top emerging female rappers in the nation after releasing successful tracks like “Make ‘Em Mad” and “Snatched,” which helped her to further gain popularity. Therefore, we will discuss Big Boss Vette’s overall net worth in this piece as well as her sources of income, career, biography, lifestyle, and much more.

Net Worth 2023:

NameBig Boss Vette
Net Worth$1 Million
Age25 years old
Date Of BirthOctober 16, 1997
Zodiac SignLibra

Early Life:

Big Boss Vette was born on October 16, 1997, in St. Louis, Missouri. Although she has hinted that her first name might be Diamond, she has not yet revealed her official name. She became interested in music at a very young age.

Vette spent the majority of her childhood living with her grandmother because her mother worked full-time as a daycare teacher and her father was imprisoned when she was just three years old. Her mother got remarried, which made her family bigger. She made the decision to become a rapper during this period of her life, although she also held a variety of professions, including those in restaurants, retail stores, and service industries.


While still in high school, Big Boss Vette began her musical career by uploading freestyles on social media sites like Facebook, remixing well-known songs by other rappers, and creating a significant amount of viral impact for herself. Before finally changing the name to Big Boss Vette, she initially started blogging under the name Vette. Vette kept routinely posting to social media as she advanced in her career.

Her YouTube remixes and tunes soon began to attract the interest of a bigger audience. She lost her best friend and a cousin a year before her big break. 2019 saw Vette finally release her debut original song, “Why You So Mad,” which was swiftly followed by her debut success, “Ratchet Twerk.”

Vette was able to quicken the pace even more by 2021. “Dog As n***a,” a track from an older trap record, was released by her. Big Boss Vette ended up getting a deal with Republic Records since she had already done more than enough to attract labels’ interest. Vette released her debut single with the label, “Eater,” and subsequently her biggest hit to date, “Snatched.”

The song went viral and has been reposted numerous times on Tik Tok. Additionally, the song changed the course of her career, and the original music video for it had over 3 million views on YouTube.

Vette originally came to public recognition in 2015 when she released a rendition of Dej Loaf’s famous song “Try Me,” which became quite popular and went viral. After releasing songs like “Make ‘Em Mad” and “Outside,” which received thousands of Spotify listens, Big Boss gained attention once more. “Snatched,” Vette’s most streamed song, had 3 million Spotify plays.

Big Boss Vette Net Worth:

Big Boss Vette net worth is predicted to be around $1 million as of 2023. She has attracted a lot of attention recently and is one of the nation’s up-and-coming female rappers. She began to acquire popularity in 2019 and has since published a number of songs that have helped her land a record deal with Republic Records.

Her primary source of income is the music industry, and it appears that in the coming years, both her net worth and popularity will grow. The music videos that Bigg Boss Vette uploads to her YouTube account receive millions of views.

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