Adjust Brightness On Samsung TV Without Remote

There are times when you need to use your TV without a remote, but you don’t have one. How can you change the brightness on a Samsung TV without a remote? This guide will tell you.

If you don’t have a remote, you can still go to the TV’s main menu. You need to use the buttons on the TV to do this. However, it won’t give you as many choices as the TV remote.

But, it is important to learn how to use the buttons to control the basics. Because remotes are very easy to lose.

Sometimes, their battery dies, and you can’t buy new batteries right away.

Adjust Brightness On Samsung TV Without Remote
Adjust Brightness On Samsung TV Without Remote

Furthermore, the remote gets a little too excited at times when your favourite show is about to start. So, you should know how to use the buttons to control the game, so that you can play it.

On Samsung TV, where the buttons are

There are a lot of different Samsung TVs out there. The button location varies between the models.

The user manual will help you figure out what each button does. Find them here.

Take a look at the back of your Samsung TV in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Bottom of the bezel, to the right from the front.

Most of the time, the control panel for your Samsung TV is on the back of the TV.

The control sticks can be moved up and down and to the side. The middle button opens the menu.

Use the buttons on Samsung TV to change the brightness.

There are two ways to do this: Press and hold the middle button for a long time.

The menu comes up when you click the square button in the middle.

If you want to move through the menu, you can single-press the centre button or the up/down buttons to move through it.

Long press the middle button to choose from the menu.

Choose “Picture Mode” from the menu. To open the picture menu, hold down the centre button for a long time.

Here, you can change how bright the picture is.

Channel up and Channel down buttons can be used to change the brightness of a TV show or a movie.

To change the brightness on your Samsung TV, you can use apps that are available on the TV

You can use a mobile app to change the brightness of your Samsung TV’s screen as well. Two types of mobile apps can be used to control your TV. Both can be used to control your TV.

These apps can work with any TV. Some apps only work with phones that have infrared sensors, like a remote control, so you can use them.

There are, however, a lot of apps that can be used to control things from afar. Smart and up-to-date Samsung TVs can connect to Wi-Fi. Some apps are made just for Samsung TVs.

It’s easy to get your favourite one from here. The control process looks like this:

In order to connect your TV to Wifi, use the buttons on your TV to do so

Use the same Wi-Fi that your Samsung TV is linked to.

Make sure you have the “SmarThings” or “Remote for Samsung TV” app on your phone. Then you can use it to control your TV.

Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

The app will show you how to use all of the controls. To change the brightness, go to the picture mode settings.

The last words

When you use your smartphone as a TV remote control, it’s very easy to do. It works just like a remote control, giving you all the choices you need.

In addition to changing the brightness, you can change the volume, move through channels, and look at other menu options. However, if you want to, you can also use the buttons on the TV set to do things.

When you don’t have a remote to change the brightness on your Samsung TV, there are three ways to do it. Stay in touch with us and sign up for our website to get more information.