5 Fixes For MacBook Pro Camera Not Working

This article aims to fix MacBook Pro camera not working and no green light issue. MacBook is Apple’s advanced iOS computer.

Compared to regular laptops, the Macbook is faster and more efficient. You can perform any function on it, like 3D programming, photo editing, video editing, etc.

The built-in camera can be seen at the top of the screen. When you activate the camera, you will see a green indicator.
However, sometimes the MacBook camera stops working and no green light appears. In this case, the camera also stops working in applications like Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

5 Fixes For MacBook Pro Camera Not Working
5 Fixes For MacBook Pro Camera Not Working

But do not worry. It is not a complicated solution and can be easily fixed. You just need to try some of the troubleshooting tricks mentioned in this article. So, let’s start our guide.

Reboot your Macbook

The immediate solution to all problems is to restart your Macbook Pro. This helps clear temporary system errors that may be interfering with the normal operation of your device.

The reset process is as follows;

  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your MacBook screen.
  • After that, click on the Restart option and wait for the process to complete.
  • Now, check the camera and the green light.

SMC reset

SMC stands for System Management Console. It is responsible for controlling some hardware features on your MacBook. Resetting this function can help fix the camera.

Plug the charger into your MacBook Pro and turn on the power supply.
Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Choose “Preferences” from the menu, then click “Disable”.
Now, hold down the “Shift + Control + Option” buttons. While holding down these buttons, press and hold the power button.
Release the power button after 10 seconds or when your MacBook restarts.
However, hold down the “Shift + Control + Option” buttons for 40 seconds or until the device powers on completely.

Check the app settings

Sometimes the camera does not work with a certain app. This indicates that the problem is with the application or access. You may have denied camera access to certain apps.

You can check this aspect through the following steps;

  • Click on the Apple logo at the top left of your MacBook screen.
  • Choose “System Preferences” from the dropdown menu.
  • Next, click the “Security” option and then “Privacy” from the menu.
  • Finally, click on the “Camera” option. Allow the camera to access the apps you use.
  • Now, check if the green light appears.

Disable multiple apps

The camera not working issue also occurs when many apps use the built-in camera. Most applications activate the webcam automatically.

But, only one app can be used at a time. Sometimes it happens that you are launching a second app while the first app is using the camera in the background.

The solution to this problem is to quilt all applications. Follow these steps;

  • Open “Launchpad” on the taskbar of your MacBook Pro.
  • Click the “Other” option and then click “Terminal.”
  • In the dialog, type “sudo killall vdcassistant”.
  • Press “Enter” to close all applications.
  • This may require entering your MacBook Pro password. Let the system close all applications.
  • After 20 seconds, check the camera and the green light.

Disconnect external devices

Sometimes the problem is not internal but external. A peripheral device may affect the performance of the camera.

For example, an external keyboard, mouse, speaker, Bluetooth device, or other wired or wireless devices may be causing the problem.

Therefore, you should try to disconnect the external devices. It is suggested to unplug the devices one by one and notice the difference.

Look carefully and disconnect the device that repairs the camera. Solve the device problem.


Hopefully the MacBook’s camera is now working fine. This guide contains a list of different solutions to fix your device. We have brought all the tricks verified and tested.

You should try them one by one and stop when your issue is resolved. However, if nothing works, you should contact Apple Support.

This is the ultimate solution to fix MacBook Pro camera not working without green light issue.