Today I went to the swimming hall for the first time in a while. Partly this is because last summer I didn't have much luck seeing little girls on the men's side. This time however I got quite lucky. As I stepped in the shower area I saw a cute about 4 year old girl step out of the shower and walk to the toilets. She had brunette hair and had very nice face. After we had passed each other I also took a look at her behind which was very nice as well. After taking a very quick shower I went to the sauna. In the sauna I saw another little girl with blondish hair. She was around 3 years old. After the first girl had come back from the toilets the girls' dad asked if they want to go shower. The first girl wanted to stay for a bit longer and after that they left. The showers they chose were directly in front of me when I looked through the glass door so I got to spend several minutes admiring their little bodies while they showered and put on their swimsuits.

After swimming when I was back in the sauna an another little girl came in. She was also around 4 years old, possibly even 5. She had very well tanned skin and dark brown hair. She had especially cute nose and eyes. She sat quite near me. When I noticed that the water was running out I took the initiative and went to get some more. This allowed me to look directly at her smooth slit when I came back through the door with the bucket of water.