This entry will be a short one but still quite significant for me. Again this year just like the last there is an inflatable pool in Emilia's yard and all my girls have been bathing and swimming in it nearly daily. I tend to keep my balcony door open during the summer to keep the air fresh and as an added bonus I get to hear very clearly the girl's playing the pool. On the opposite side of the parking lot from my balcony happens to be Emilia's yard. Sometimes I can even see little glimpses of the girls through the bush fence.

Today as I was on my way to one of my usual reading spots Roosa happened to just leave Emilia's yard where she had been playing in the pool. She was wearing a black two-part swimsuit and for a few seconds as she was putting on her biking helmet I got to admire her smooth skin and slender body. I don't know if she noticed me just then or later when she stopped to put on her shirt and looked back for a second. I'm quite glad I got to see her in her swimsuit from so close for once.