As I was walking to the bus station I realized I had left some things home so I headed back. When I was walking towards the building I live in I saw Liisa leave Emilia's backyard. When she saw me she was standing on the parking lot of the row houses she lives in. She just stood there and watched me. I didn't say anything to her since I saw that Emilia's grandmother was still on the backyard. Unfortunately I haven't had much chances to interact with the girls this summer.

Later on the bus stop while I saw Emilia and her grandmother walk toward the bus stop. Emilia was carrying what I thought was some kind of sunshade or something and the grandmother was carrying a bag so these led me to believe that they were on their way to the beach. I was terrified since I've never really been in close proximity with the grandmother and last summer the girls had said that she wants a picture of me. On top of this I almost never hear her talk in a normal way, only angry yelling. While still around fifteen meters from the stop Emilia saw me and pulled up her hood. I don't know if this is because she doesn't want to see me or me to see her or if it's because she doesn't want her grandmother knowing who I am. When they got to the bus stop Emilia sat at the end of the bench so as to face the other way. I made some space on the bench so the grandmother would have space to sit as well, she is quite a large woman to say the least. She thanked me and I told her it's nothing.

Emilia talks to her grandmother in English and her voice is more girlish and has much higher pitch when she does. Finally the bus came and they stepped in and I followed them. Emilia had a very cute Hello Kitty cover on her bus card. She went to sit on the very first seats and her grandmother went to sit to the more accessible area meant for the more elderly people. She asked Emilia to come sit next to her but she didn't.

We all got out at the final stop which is at the train station. The station has a mall next to it and I saw them go in the there and I headed to the train that would leave the soonest. Just as the train arrived I saw the two of them come to the platform as well. Now I realized what it was that Emilia was carrying, it was a rainbow flag. The platform was full of people with all kinds of rainbow apparel. Just now I realized that there is some kind of gay pride event in the city and apparently Emilia was going there. The train was packed and at our destination I only saw a glimpse of Emilia and her grandmother walking along with the big crowd.