Since summer has finally arrived I've also started reading outside again. Today I was reading at the nearest school. I was reading at my usual spot at that school which is these steps that are made of wood so they're pretty comfortable to sit at. The steps form a kind of a little stand and the back of it blocks the sun nicely. So as I was sitting there reading my book and drinking tea I hear some girl voices from behind me. Pretty soon after I first heard the voices I see Roosa and Emilia coming on a bike. Both of their hairs have grown a lot since last summer, especially Emilia's. Roosa was riding the bike and Emilia was sitting on the rack.

At first they didn't notice me but then Emilia saw me and started yelling "That man! There's that man!" to Roosa. Emilia ran to me and asked what I was doing there. I told her that I was just reading and drinking tea. She started to walk back to Roosa but then she turned around, walked back to me and asked why I wasn't doing it at home. I told her that it's easier to concentrate outside. After this they drove a bit and decided to go spy on me from behind the small "stadium" or whatever you would call such a thing. I heard them whispering something there but couldn't make out what it was. Occasionally they made some random loud noises. At one point they also yelled to me something like "Why did you climb to the roof that one time?" and I responded but it was probably too quiet for them to hear.

After I ran out tea I started to leave and as I was walking away the girls yelled bye to me. After taking a few steps I heard a bike from behind me. It was Emilia on the bike and she yelled "boo" right behind me which did kind of startle me even though I knew she was coming. Then she said bye to me once again and went back to Roosa. I heard them yell bye a few more times when I was already further away.

It was really nice to see the girls and I hope for this to get more frequent. The summer vacation just started for all the school children in Finland so they probably get to hang outside for a bit longer to the evening since they don't have to wake up early for school. I'm really glad they've stopped calling me a kidnapper and other such things.