Today's encounter with Roosa and Emilia was quite special in that it didn't just involve me and them but also my friends. The first time I saw them was when me and my friends were hanging at the swings at a nearby school. They biked past in a very slow pace and made eye-contact with me. It was quite uncomfortable because none of my friends know about my sexual attraction to young children so I had no idea how they'd react if they'd notice this. Luckily none of them noticed it at this point.

A bit later we decided to climb to the roof of the school. Roosa and Emilia once again saw us at the roof and being considerably younger this interested them quite a bit. So by the time we were coming down they had come to the spot where we had all our backpacks and bikes and such. They first talked a bit to my friends but then Emilia saw me and she came to me and gave me some light hits and called me dumb ass. I don't know if she really disliked me or if it was because she hadn't seen me in a while, sometimes it's hard to tell with these girls. I pretended to not know the girls because my friends were around and I didn't want to arouse suspicion. Then the girls decided to steal the bike of one of my friends and he chased it down and gave a ride for the girl back to us. I don't know if the girls spoke anything to him when he was behind the corner trying to get his bike back but I suspect they did and this might have some fallout later. This remains to be seen.

Sorry to the update that might not be as well written, I'm quite drunk so that should at least account for some of it. Oh, and Roosa is the girl I had a crush on that moved away. Turns out she didn't move that far and can still come to play with her friends. That's lucky.