Week 2018-04-08

Spring is finally here and the amount of little girls playing and walking around outside has been very high. Pretty much every day I've seen some absolutely gorgeous girls and very nice little butts around. I won't mention these more in depth this time but I might start taking notes on them from now on, we'll see.


On Monday I was stayed home from work since I was still sick. I was however woken up by Jehovah's Witnesses who came to the door. Later during the day when I was talking about this with my brother he mentioned that some day when I wasn't at home some children had come to the door asking for candy. He thought it was weird. He had told them that he doesn't have any and closed the door. I suspect it was Liisa who had come to the door.


On this day I left work quite early. I went to the store much earlier than I normally would and just as I was leaving it Emilia came in with two other girls who were about the same age as her. All of them were really cute. Emilia saw me as I was walking from the register to the door and I heard her say to her friends "That's him."

Later that evening I also went swimming for the first time in a week. The first girl I saw on the men's side was just around 2 years old. She was sitting on her dad's leg in the sauna and trying to learn to count. She didn't stay in the sauna for very long but I still got some entertainment out of it. At the showers before I went to swim I saw couple girls who were both around 3 years old. One was brunette and the other was blonde. They were just about done showering when I started so I didn't get to eye-diddle them too much.

After swimming when I went to the showers I saw a 3 year old squatting on the floor. If she had turned just a few degrees I would have had a very nice view of her little cunny. I did get to see it pretty well after she stood up so it's not a big loss.

Next I went to the sauna and at first the only other person there was this one man that I see at the hall almost every time. But after some time a dad came in with his 4 year old girl. They sat across from me and I got to watch the girl pretty much the whole time without any interruptions. At first she seemed a bit shy about me looking at her but she relaxed eventually. Her dad mostly just stared at the wall and avoided looking at me so I didn't have to worry about him. The girl had very cute little kitty and nice blonde hair. I left the sauna right after them and I watched her dad while he washed her tiny body. Being able to watch the girls this openly in the sauna is pretty uncommon but it sure is great.


There isn't much to mention from this day apart from me finding out one thing that made me quite sad. As I was taking out the trash when I walked past Roosa's home I saw through the windows that it was completely empty. A few weeks ago I saw a moving truck in front of the row house and this was my immediate fear then but I since I still kept seeing her play outside from time to time I had thought it was a false alarm. I had a bit of a crush on her so it's kind of upsetting that she moved away. I was really looking forward to meeting her again during the summer.