I had a somewhat long break from swimming thanks to Easter. Even though I didn't go swimming during it I at least got to observe some little girls from inside through my window. There are clear signs of spring already so the girls I played with last summer have started playing a lot more outside. I can't wait to get a chance to get to see them up close this summer as well.

I didn't see any girls until after I had done my swimming which was very unfortunate. The first girl I saw was around 3 and mixed Middle-Eastern and Finnish. I only really saw her backside well, when she was turned around the other way this Turkish man was standing in my way. After showering and looking at the girl I went to the sauna and there was a chubby redhead there. She was around 5 and sitting pretty low. She had quite pretty face. If she lost a bit of her weight she'd be really sexy. After the sauna in the showers I saw a 4 year old walk pas in her swimsuit. I wanted to mention her because she was really beautiful and also because there weren't so many others this time. Next I saw a very quick glimpse of a a girl going walking towards the changing room. It could have been the same girl that I watched in the showers earlier but I couldn't get a good enough view to be sure. The final girl I saw was another chubbie in the changing room. She was walked past in a two part swimsuit and looked at stared at me for quite long. So that's it for this swimming trip, not that great but that's OK.