Once again it was time for me to go to swim and look at naked little girls. Unfortunately I didn't see any before swimming. However at the beginning of my swim there was a swimming school going on the tracks next to mine. On the track immediately next to me were four girls around 9 years old so I got to look at their tight butts under water while I swum.

The first naked girl I saw was this 2 year old who came to the sauna with her dad. She had her sauna cloth thing on her head as a sort of a hat and it was pretty funny. She peeked from under it a few times to look at her dad. She was clearly enjoying herself judging by how much she laughed. The next girl I saw wasn't naked. She was around 4 and quite chubby. She was wearing a green two piece swimsuit. She didn't take it off at all while I was looking. While in the shower area I also saw one more girl, she was 3 years old from somewhere around South-East Asian. As I was leaving the showers I also saw the little girl from the sauna in the shower and just as I looked at her she put her hands into the ground and bent over showing me everything.

When I got to my locker there was a 4 year old with her dad pretty near it. She was still wearing her jacket so they had just come in. I took my time with drying myself and getting dressed so I could eye-diddle her for as long as possible. She wrapped herself in her Hello-kitty towel almost immediately after getting naked but she kept moving around so that I saw her little cunny from time to time. She also opened it up a few times in front of a mirror but I couldn't get a good view of that since we were exactly lined up so she covered her mirror image. She might have noticed that I stared at her judging by the way she looked at me but she didn't say anything to her dad so I don't think she minded it.