Once again I went swimming, big surprise. The first girl I saw already had her pants on but was still shirtless. She was around 4 years old and talking really angrily to her dad because she thought her dad was getting dressed too quickly and she wanted to relax a bit. After the dad slowed down a bit she was happy and started talking about other things. When I got to the showers there were two about 3 year old girls there but I only saw them for a glimpse as they were just leaving. I went to the sauna and there were two cute girls there. One of the girls was sitting at the bottom step and I only really saw her back and another girl was sitting next to her dad. Unfortunately they left almost immediately after I sat down. After sauna when I was showering I observed a cute blonde girl putting on her swimsuit. She was around 4 with a nice face and body. I was going to the hotter sauna so I got to walk behind her and watch her little butt bounce a bit. She also stopped just in front of the sauna door to adjust her swimsuit so I got to look at her for a moment longer. After the sauna when I was about to go to swim I walked past another blonde girl of the same age. I got a really nice view of her coochie.

The first girl I saw after swimming was one that I've seen at least 5 or 6 times before. I also remember seeing her last winter. She always has this red headband thing. She is probably around 3 now and it's quite nice to see her growth. The next girl was a 4 year old who was showering, I watched her for quite some time while I drank my water. The final cute girl was around 4 and she had a little brother who was probably 3. They were being silly and pretending that there was an invisible monster. Their grandpa also joined it a bit and it made them very happy.