Today I had my week's second visit to the swimming hall. As active readers of the blog know I go there to see naked little girls. The blog post for 2018-01-04 has an explanation about why they're there.

The first girl I saw was a cute blonde 4 year old. She was walking from the showers to the changing room and she was wearing her towel like a cape. Right afterwards when I turned to my usual aisle there was an another cute 4 year old there. She had her hair in two braids behind the back and it was really cute. She had pretty sad expression the whole time, don't know why. I watched her get undressed and as she went to the showers. She came back while I was still getting undressed and she asked her dad if she could swim without her swimsuit. The dad spoke Swedish to her but she always spoke Finnish to him, this isn't that uncommon in Finnish Swedish families but I still find it pretty funny. I kept observing her in the showers as well as in the sauna. She left from the sauna before me but chose a shower that I could see directly through the sauna's glass door so I could still keep looking at her. I also watched as she put on her cute two-part swimsuit.

Swimming could have gone better but at least there wasn't that much traffic this time. There weren't many girls around the shower area when I got back. I saw one smaller girl, around 2 and half go to the hotter sauna with her dad so I followed. She took her Frozen floaters with her to the sauna, she must really like them. She sat on the lower step. After I got out of the sauna there were two half Finnish and half Asian girls in the showers. They were sisters, older one was around 4 and younger one was around 3. They came to the sauna behind me and I chose a place right across from them so that I could stare at them the whole time. The younger one was also staring at me for almost the whole duration they were in the sauna. At one point they were both sitting with one leg down and one knee up and I had a perfect view of both of their little slits. After the sauna I watched as they washed themselves and as I was about to leave two Finnish girl also came in. The Finnish girls were around 4 and 2 but I didn't get that good view of them.