Swimming on Saturday again. I'm starting to slip on my schedule more and more lately but I guess it's fine. Every time I go to the swimming hall I see cute girls coming out and I think that if I had gone in ten minutes earlier I could have seen them. At least with this slipping schedule I get to see wider variety of them if nothing else.

The first girls I saw were very cute sisters, around 5 and 4 years old. I saw them at the changing room as I was getting undressed. They were both wearing mostly white bathrobes with some small pictures on them. They seemed to have lots of fun. Their bathrobes weren't tied so I could see their little cunnies a few times. When I entered the sauna it was empty but almost immediately a cute 3 year old girl comes in with her dad. Unfortunately her dad sits between us. Luckily another girl comes in with her dad and brother as well. This girl is maybe 5. She is trying to play a drum beat by slapping her thighs and her dad tries to instruct her. I watch them do this for a long while. After I'd gone and thrown some water on the stove she starts sitting with her knees up. I had urges to go throw some more water so I could get a good look at that. In retrospect I probably should have just done that but I missed the opportunity. I did see her at the showers a bit more before I went swimming.

The swimming itself went very poorly this time but that's fine. I found it more unfortunate that there weren't many little girls around afterwards. Only just as I was about to leave I saw a dad washing his 4 year old daughter. The daughter was giggling the whole time, she must be very ticklish. I decided to stall and later the girl's little sister also comes around and the dad starts to wash her as well. That was it for this trip.