Once again I went swimming in the swimming hall. The first girl I saw was really young, 2.5 or nearly 3, and already wearing her swimsuit in the changing room but she was having a lot of fun walking on the benches so it was fun observing her. While I was getting undressed I also saw an older, maybe 4 and half or 5, and chubbier girl at the showers. When I got to the showers there were no girls around so I went to the sauna. There I observed the girl for some time until she left with her dad. There weren't any other girls that I saw before doing my swimming but the latter half made up for it.

After swimming I saw that there were some girl's things on a little shelf next to a shower so I chose one from which I could look in that direction. At the shower was a really cute girl, around 4 years old. Her dad was helping her put her swimsuit on, unfortunately I didn't catch her naked. Behind her was another girl who was super adorable. She was around 2.5 years old and she had bob haircut and the ends of her hair curved very nicely. She also had very lush lips. Both of the girls were staring at me almost the whole time I showered.

After taking two trips to the hotter sauna, the colder sauna where the kids usually go to was completely packed, I showered and started heading towards the changing room. I stopped for a while in the shower area and saw a dad put a Frozen swimsuit on his daughter and also another girl playing with her little brother. Both of these girls were about 3 years old. I also saw the very first girl that I'd seen when I came in when she came to get her Frozen towel with her dad and brother. I also saw the adorable little girl a bit closer when her dad was giving her this poncho-style Frozen towel thing with a hood. Little girls sure love their Frozen gear. After this when I was sitting on the bench along the changing room hallway I see the dad carrying the adorable little cutie from the showers to their locker. He was carrying her with one arm behind her back and one arm under her legs at the knee joint. He held her just the right way that he exposed her little cunny and asshole to me. Because the dad walked by really close my face was about half a meter from this beautiful sight. I got a pretty raging boner almost immediately but because I had already carried my stuff to the bench it was pretty easy to hide it. Walking out I also saw that girl one last time right next to the door out of the changing room. She was a bit tired and fussy which is probably why her dad had carried her there from the showers.