So last night my coworker held a small party where he invited most of the people from work. There were about 6 who showed up. The reason I'm telling about the party on this blog is that one of our coworkers brought his twin daughters with him. The girls were on 3rd grade so they were either 8 or 9 years old. One of the girls had bangs and a bit lighter hair and the other had a bit longer and darker hair with no bangs. The darker haired girl also got a bit red when it started to get hot in the house and it made her even more beautiful.

Unfortunately we didn't share any common languages so the communication we could do was very limited. They'd only started learning Finnish and English at school this year. I did spend a lot of time looking at them. The girl with lighter hair also laid on a sofa's back so that I got a pretty nice view of her firm butt. I wish I could have talked to them properly. It was really a surprise that they were at the party but it was a good one.