Today is a Monday which means I went swimming again. This time I was around 45 minutes later than on usual Mondays, next week I'll try to go during the normal time. The first girl I saw was around 3 and her dad was washing her in the shower. Unfortunately the dad was blocking my view completely so I decided to go to the sauna. I did get a glimpse of her body when walking to the sauna however so at least something positive. In the sauna there was a pretty qt little girl. She was between 3 and 4, clearly a bit older than the one in the showers. I couldn't see her kitty when she was sitting but when she got up to leave I got pretty nice view of it. I left pretty soon after her and I checked her out a bit longer when she was showering. At the showers there were two younger girls as well, both wearing swimsuits. One of the girls in a swimsuit was a bit silly and didn't trust her dad when he said that the shower water was warm.

After swimming I saw a little girl with cute butterfly pins in her air in the shower, she was maybe 3. Unfortunately I couldn't find a shower from which I could observe her. When I did find a shower for myself I could see an another showering 3 or 4 year old from it which was pretty nice. Afterwards I went to sauna and two sisters came in, the younger one was the girl I saw before who had the pins in her hair. The older sister was about a year or a bit more older and she also had some pins in her hair. The older sister wanted to sit on her daddy's lap but it was too hot for her so she went to sit between his legs on a lower stair instead. The younger sister was very exact about her sauna cloth[1] being exactly in the edge and that it didn't have any wrinkles. Later the older sister also went down to the very bottom stair to sit with her sister. At the showers I got to observe yet another 3 year old girl but only pretty briefly. While drying myself I also got to check out the older sister's backside in detail.

[1]: I don't think there is a proper word in English for a "pefletti" which is a piece of cloth or other material that is meant specifically to be put on the sauna bench and to be sat over. The main purpose of it is probably hygienic since quite a few people sit on their bare butts on these benches every day.