Today I went swimming once again. I was pretty excited since I didn't really see many cute girls during the weekend. There were two girls who both had really nice lips and noses at the Chinese restaurant. One of them also had pants that really made her butt look nice and round. They were both around 6 or 7 years old.

Shower before swimming wasn't that great this time either. There was this really pretty 4 year old girl with blonde hair when I came in but I only saw her for a couple of seconds before she wrapped herself in her towel and started heading towards the changing room. When I was entering the sauna a very little girl came out. She was crying because she didn't want to leave the sauna yet but her dad forced her. They did come back to the sauna while I was there and she had problems sitting still and was constantly changing either her spot or posture. After the sauna and before swimming I saw very briefly around a 3 year old girl in the shower.

After swimming when I came to the showers I was a bit shocked by how full of little girls it was. The one I first focused my attention on was this 4 or 5 year old who was about to put on her swimsuit. She had a really sexy body and a very pretty face. Her swimsuit was red and it covered from her thighs to her shoulders but it was almost more erotic than two part swimsuits. The way the fabric sat and reflected the light really enhanced the shape of her very round but moderately sized butt. In addition I counted at least three cute girls who were around 3 years old and one 2 year old who had still quite a lot of baby fat.

The first time I went to the sauna around a 3 year old girl came in and she was just casually rubbing her privates while walking around and looking at people. She sat almost next to me and was talking to her dad and brother in some language that I couldn't recognize. They didn't stay in the sauna for very long.

When I was sitting in the sauna for the second time this very cute 4 year old girl, who clearly had at least half of her genes from Southeast Asia, came in with her dad. She sat about a meter and half from me and almost the whole time she had her legs fully open towards me so I had a very clear view of her tiny cunny. I looked at it as much as I could without looking weird. Meanwhile she was hugging her dad's arm and playing a guessing game with him. It was also very funny how she treated her dad, could be an adoptive parent as well, like he was the cute one. The baby fat girl also came to the sauna at some point but I didn't really pay attention to her since I had the nice little cunny in front of me. After the sauna I also got a nicer view of her back side at the showers.

At the showers was also an another 4 year old that I saw for a bit while drying myself. While I was still drying myself with my towel the half-Asian cutie walked past with her dad. Just as they passed me she hugged him from the back side and called him adorable. I found this quite funny. When I was at the changing room getting ready to leave I caught a glimpse of her while she was getting dressed and she had glasses on. Sometimes glasses look a bit silly on kids but on her they were so incredibly good looking and very sexy. I don't really understand why they looked so good on her but they did. I was really satisfied with today's swimming trip when I left the hall.