So after being sick for a long ass time I finally had a chance to go swimming once again. Unfortunately there weren't that many girls this time. Before swimming I only saw two really chubby girls at the showers. When swimming it became pretty obvious that I hadn't yet fully recovered from being sick so I had to take my time with it. This had the benefit of being able to observe the cute girls who had swimming school one track over from me.

When I got back to the showers after swimming I was a bit disappointed since there weren't any cuties there. After showering for a while when I was going to the sauna a really cute 4 year old pops out of nowhere with her younger brother and their dad. The kids wanted to go to a Greek style steam sauna and the dad told them there isn't one so I decided to try to make the kids' day a bit better and told them where it was. Of course this means that I didn't get to eye diddle her in the sauna but it was worth it since I got to make her a little happier. Later on this two year old came to the sauna with her dad but she wasn't really that interesting to me. Younger ones are cuter when they are more active. When I got to the showers after the sauna there were three pretty cute girls there all around 3 years old. I didn't get to observe them that much because of how we were positioned but they were nice to see anyways.