This weeks' first swimming trip wasn't exciting enough to make a blog post about because I had to go to a smaller hall and around midday. There was only one little girl in the whole hall and I only saw her at the pools. She did make a little wave bit above the water when I was leaving so that was really nice.

Today the first girl I saw was this two year old who wears a red band in her head. I've seen her a couple of times before and she is so tiny and cute. Next I went to the sauna and through the glass door I saw a girl in a pink swimsuit with a sparkly tutu thing going around and a picture of Elsa in the front walk past. Hoping that she would come to the sauna I stayed there for quite some time and it paid out. She came in and even though she was sitting behind her dad I could see her pretty well most of the time. She was around 4 and very pretty. Then out of nowhere this autistic 12 yo boy starts talking about all kinds of random things to random people and at one point he notices the girl and exclaims "Why is there a girl on this side!". The girl grabs her dad's arm and he starts to assure that she doesn't have to worry about him. Then the boy continues his rambles. The younger girl I saw earlier also comes to the sauna for a short while. While showering after the sauna I see the older girl again and I get a pretty good look at her. Unlike most girls her age that I've seen her clit was poking outside a bit.

While swimming I was thinking about the girl and it was overall pretty pleasant. There weren't that many people and everyone on my track were swimming at roughly the same speed with me. Sometimes people who swim slow as fuck even by children's standards go to the tracks meant for fast swimmers and it's pretty fucking annoying.

After swimming there was only one little girl in the showers, she was also around 2 and her dad was holding her to the shower. When I went to the sauna it was completely filled with adult men but after a while around half of them left. I still had to wait for quite a while for any girl to come in. Eventually one did, she was around 4 and had twin pigtails. She went to the corner and instead of sitting she was in this squatting position with her legs spread. Unfortunately I didn't have a position in which I could naturally look at her but I did get a glimpse of her spread legs.

Just as I left the sauna there were three girls taking off their swimsuits. They were all sisters, two were around 5 and clearly twins. And the third one was around 6. I don't think these were the same twins that I saw couple of blog posts ago but I'm not sure. I chose a shower where I could watch them wash themselves. It was very enjoyable and I had a bit of a struggle fighting my erection. The girls went to sauna so I decided to also go for one more round. This time I sat in a position from which I could look at the girls with no problems. I spent most of the time looking at the oldest one. There was also a fourth girl who came to the sauna, she was around 3 and very energetic.

After the sauna and final showering I headed back to the changing room. The 3 year old girl from the sauna also came there a bit after me and she started singing "Let it go" in front of a mirror. Right in front of me was also the squatter girl I saw earlier. I looked at her most of the time I spent drying myself and getting dressed. I also saw the twins and the older sister at the storage things next to the showers for some time and later the walked past me with their towels wrapped around themselves. I was pretty satisfied with this trip, I was a bit worried before I got to the hall since I was around 30 minutes later than the usual time.