This week my second swim was delayed for work reasons and on top of that I had to visit a swimming hall that's a lot smaller. In total I saw only three girls in the men's area. First two were sisters 3 and 4 years old. The younger one of them stared at me a lot for some reason when we were in the changing room. At the showers I saw another girl who I think was 4. She was really pretty and had a great smile. I watched her wash herself for quite some time. When I was in the sauna the sisters came in as well but this large man was sitting between them and I. Fortunately the third girl who I watched shower came to dry herself with her towel right in front of the sauna's glass door. I could watch her dry herself and rub all those sweet places without looking suspicious. I couldn't help but get semi erect but it was fine since it was quite dark where I sat.

Sorry for the short and delayed blog post.