Today's swimming hall visit didn't start that promisingly but it more than fulfilled my wishes. First when I walked in I didn't see any girls, even when I had gotten to my usual lockers I still hadn't seen any. Finally as I was walking to the showers two cute girls passed me as they were going to the changing room. Unfortunately they were wearing towels. At the showers I only saw this one very small girl, maybe two years old, and only backside of her too. I tried to enter the sauna that children prefer but it was packed full. After coming out of the men's sauna though things started to pick up. There were two sets of sisters, both pairs had a 4 and 3 year old. One of the pairs was more Finnish looking and the other pair seemed to have some Mediterranean blood on them. I got pretty good look at the bodies of the older sisters before their parents started hurrying them to leave. Due to heavy traffic along the shortest route to my swimming gear I had to take a slight detour and during that detour I also pass an another cute girl with a really blonde hair, she was around 4.

The tracks were way too full today so I decided to take a break in the middle of my swim. This proved to be a fantastic choice. There was some space in the kids' sauna this time so I went there. Also there was a girl who was maybe 5 in there but she left as I was coming in. She had been the only girl in the sauna and I was a bit disappointed about that but some minutes later three girls all around 3 were coming in with their parents but they didn't all fit so they chose the other sauna instead. I really wish they had come in regardless since one of the girls was already picking a spot right next to me. Eventually one girl did come in, she was around 3 and had pretty orange hair. She sat at the bottom so I could look at her without looking suspicious. After leaving the sauna I was looking for a shower and I saw one girl that was maybe 5 or at least pretty close to it showering. I kept peeking pack at her quite a bit while looking for a shower from which I could see her. After checking the other candidates I see a shower next to her that wasn't visible from my earlier spot so of course I pick that one. While showering we both keep looking at each other and she is even facing me completely. It's really hot how she rubs her body while shampooing it.

After going back and finishing my swim I again check the kids' sauna but is too full for me to get in so once again I have to go to the other one. After sitting in the sauna for a while I start to leave so I decide to refill the water bucket as well. Refilling it is a great chance to have an excuse to stand still and just stare at something, like a cute little girl, so I kind of like doing it. When filling the bucket I got to watch this very pretty girl who was 5 or so. She was clearly Finnish but had a bit of a tan, maybe she went abroad during the holiday season. Her cunny also looks really pretty and smooth. Unfortunately this girl had left before I come back after taking the bucket back to the sauna so instead I select a shower from which I can see an another girl, she was like 3. Though she probably ended up staring at me more than I did at her. When I'm leaving back to the changing room I see a glimpse of the orange haired girl's dad washing her. I also pass another girl, maybe 4, with a very blonde hair along the way, she was really skinny and very pale skin. That was the last little cunny I saw on this trip and it was a really good one indeed.

Even though the swimming wasn't as enjoyable due to the high amount of people I think it's very much worthwhile for me to come during this time since there were so many cute girls.