This time I went to swim a bit over an hour earlier than usual. It was a mistake since there weren't many girls or children in general. At least now I know not to make that same mistake again. Before going to do my swimming I saw only one girl, she was super tiny and something like 2 years old. After I was done with swimming I saw her bouncing on the water with a pool noodle between her legs. She was having a lot of fun so I watched that a bit.

After swimming I saw this 4 year old red haired girl in the showers. She was chubby so it wasn't really my thing. Also her dad was pretty big and constantly checking if people were looking at his daughter so I couldn't look much anyways. she did walk past me naked when she visited the toilets though. Apart from the red head the only other girl I saw in the showers was this 5 year old with short brown hair. She was really pretty and had such a smooth looking and fit body. Our eyes met for a moment when we were checking each other out.

When getting dressed there was one more girl who was just coming to swim and I watched her get undressed. She was also slightly to the chubbier size and somewhat younger than the other chubby girl, maybe 3 and half or 4 years old. When heading out I saw other girls that were just entering. I was kind of disappointed at myself for coming so early but at least I got to see some girls so it was still as successful trip.