With the new year I decided to start one of my old hobbies, swimming. Those that haven't read the past blog posts might be wondering what that has to do with this blog. It's pretty simple really, going to the swimming hall is an easy and legal way to see little girls naked in real life. Almost everyone that I tell this to tends to ask why there are naked little girls at the swimming hall? The answer is pretty obvious, they cannot go to the women's changing rooms alone and their dad can't come with them so they have to go to the men's side with him. So for the first time in quite a while I head to the swimming hall after leaving work.

As I come into the men's changing rooms the first thing I see is two little girls getting dressed. So far they've only managed to put on their little panties and one of them is trying to put on her t-shirt. I think the girls are twins and they're really nice. Unfortunately there is no place near them which I could choose without it looking unnatural. The girls are around 3, which is pretty typical age here. Generally it's accepted that kids that have started school shouldn't come on the wrong side anymore. So the girls I tend to see are from 2 to 6 years, the older ones are much more rare.

After entering the showers I see this quite tiny Asian girl. She is around the age of the two girls from earlier, or maybe a bit younger. I get pretty good look at her since there is quite a bit of traffic. She keeps turning around as well which is very considerate of her. After taking a quick shower I go check if there is any space in the colder "kids' sauna", no luck there. So instead I go to the hotter sauna which is usually just full of old men, which is why I think of it as the "adults' sauna". Right before going to swim I saw another girl for a glimpse but when I turned around she was already gone, I was hoping to catch an another glimpse of her butt while she walks.

After coming back from swimming I take a quick shower and sadly there are no girls in the shower area at the time. This time there is space in the "kids' sauna" so I go sit there. Unfortunately there are no girls there, just boys and their fathers. Through the glass door of the sauna however I see total of three girls. First one is some very young one, probably just turned 2, showering with her dad. Then after a while I see an another one, it's a girl who is either 4 or 5. I get really good look at the front side of her. She had a very smooth looking belly and cunny. For some time after I didn't see anyone until this 4 year old girl walked past with her dad a few times. She didn't stop in front. She had very blonde hair and very pale skin. She had pretty nice jiggly butt when she walked as well. After the sauna I showered once again and after that when I was leaving back to the changing area I saw the Asian girl once again. At the changing area I didn't see any ore girls.

All in all this was a pretty successful swimming trip. Plan is for me to start to go swimming twice a week. Seeing the girls provides me a good incentive and I'm in the need of the exercise.